Humans of Res Life, Robin

Photo of Robin


Tinsley Hall, College Avenue Campus

“I’m currently in RAPS, which is the Rutgers Association of Philippine Students. My friends [in the third floor of Tinsley] also got together and created an intramural basketball team, Ghetto Matrix. I love basketball and the friends I’ve made here, so naturally I support them. I go to every game and I get oranges from the dining hall, cut them up, put them into baggies, and hand them out at halftime. I’m basically the team mom.

I heard about Rutgers from my sister, who is also going [to school] here. I’m studying business and this is going to sound really nerdy, but a goal of mine is to beat my GPA each semester. As a freshman, I’m still trying to find my niche on campus and want to be more involved and join more clubs.

My favorite place to relax is the third floor of Tinsley. My friends inspire me and are very supportive. Having them around helps me feel connected to our community and Rutgers.”

Robin is a freshman from St. Peters, Mo. She currently resides in Tinsley Hall on the College Avenue Campus.


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