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Living on campus is an incredibly transformative experience, but it is not without its growing pains. Many students encounter challenging experiences while living on campus, and many others come to campus already working through difficulties. Our residents face a variety of real-world challenges during their stay with Rutgers.

The Residence Life-Student Support team connects with students living on campus who are navigating challenges to provide an extra layer of support and guidance. We consider each student’s unique needs and the resources, support, and accountability needed for their health, safety, and success.

Are you a student living on campus who needs additional support? Contact the Residence Life-Student Support team at or (848) 932-4371.


Residential Care Programs by Request

Residence Life-Student Support provides programs by request for students living on campus at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Our programs are geared toward the unique needs of residential communities and focus on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness (physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, environmental, social, creative, and spiritual). We offer remote programs and in-person programs. Our team will travel to your residence hall for in-person programs.

Residence Life full-time staff, Resident Assistants, and members of hall government (RHA, NRHH) can request any of the following programs by completing a programming request form. A team member will follow up via email within 1-3 business days of your request.

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For additional programs, please refer to HOPE Workshops. These workshops are primarily facilitated by Peer Educators through HOPE. For more please visit their website here: Workshops & Trainings – Student Health (


Program Menu


Let's Talk: Conversation Surrounding Wellness (45 minutes)

Focus: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Financial, Environmental, Social, Creative, or Spiritual

Join the Residence Life-Student Support team as we discuss the different components of a dimension of wellness of your choice, and the resources on campus available to you to help develop each dimension. Request this program. We will discuss available resources and different tips you can practice while focusing on yourself within that dimension of wellness. Request this program.

Sleep Trivia (1 Hour)

Focus: Physical Wellness

Don’t sleep on this program! Come in your comfiest clothes as we discuss sleep hygiene and the impact it has on our wellness. Then, put your sleep knowledge to the test with our sleep trivia game. Request this program.

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin (1 Hour)

Focus: Emotional Wellness

You have a lot on your plate! Join us for this interactive program where we can help you identify a dimension of wellness that you want to improve upon, and a personal action plan to do so. Participants will be able to make their own slime as an emotional outlet and physical representation of being stretched too thin. Request this program.

Make Your Own Wellness Kit (1 Hour) 

Focus: Emotional Wellness

Learn new self-care methods to help you through times of stress. After a conversation with Residence Life-Student Support, participants will create their own wellness kit, featuring a DIY stress ball, coloring pages, gratitude cards, and more. You will then learn how each self-care method supports a different dimension of wellness. Request this program. 

Calm & Conquer: Navigating Job Search Anxiety (1 Hour)

Focus: Occupational Wellness

Join Student Support for a program that reviews the Nine Dimensions of Wellness, & the resources on campus available to you to help develop each dimension. Request this program.

Foundation of Building Your Resume (1 Hour)

Focus: Occupational Wellness

Experiencing job search anxiety? Learn to reflect on your past and present experiences to display your best self during a job interview. We will look at ways to identify what makes you unique in creating the groundwork for your interview preparation. Learn about managing anxiety around interviewing, job searching, and managing the emotions when you are selected for an anticipated role. Request this program.

The Self-Care Tool Kit: Busy Student Edition (1 Hour)

Focus: Occupational Wellness

During this presentation and discussion, participants will learn a variety of methods for self-care and will have the opportunity to examine what self-care strategies work best for them. The methods discussed will be easy to implement for people with busy schedules, and can be scaled to meet an individual’s specific needs. We will then help you explore how to incorporate these self-care practices into your daily routine. Request this program.

Friends Forever: Friendship Bracelet Making (1 hour)

Focus: Social Wellness

Join us for a heartwarming and creative experience by making friendship bracelets! Take time to reflect on the importance of friendship and the special moments shared with your closest companions. This event is designed to celebrate friendship and creativity as you craft a fun and beautiful piece of jewelry to share with your friends. Request this program.

Guided Meditation (1 hour)

Focus: Spiritual Wellness

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation with our guided meditation session. Explore your emotions, thoughts, and inner experiences in a safe and supportive space, fostering emotional balance and well-being. This guided meditation program is open to all students, whether you're new to meditation or have prior experience with mindfulness practices. Join us for a transformative journey of relaxation, self-discovery, and inner peace. Request this program.

Where is the Syllabus for Adulting? (1.5 hours) Graduation Cap-Decorating; Offered After Spring Break

Focus: Occupational wellness

Hats off to you! Join us for a creative and festive event where you can personalize your graduation cap to reflect your unique journey and accomplishments. This program is also designed to provide you with practical tools, resources, and guidance to thrive in various aspects of adult life. We will talk about the foreseen pressures, financial obligations, and other resources to support your health and wellness after leaving Rutgers. This program is your go-to resource for mastering the art of adulting, providing you with essential life skills and knowledge. Request this program.

Pop-Up Wellness Room (1-2 Hours)

Focus: Creative Wellness, Social Wellness, Spiritual Wellness

Looking to transform one of your lounges into a wellness space? Request our Pop-Up Wellness Room! Student Support will provide you with all of the supplies needed to create an oasis of wellness, right inside your residence hall. Our Pop-Up Wellness Room includes a salt lamp, aromatherapy, calming decor, coloring supplies, gratitude and journaling activities, meditation tools, and more. Request this program.

Grow as You Go: Plant Parent Program (1 Hour)

Focus: Environmental Wellness

Join us for an enriching event where you can nurture both your plants and your well-being! Participate in this program by planting the seeds provided by Residence Life-Student Support, which you can take back to your room and continue to nurture. We will also explore the numerous benefits that planting can have on your overall health and wellness. By the end of the program, you'll leave with a better understanding of how to care for yourself and your plant. Supplies are limited. Request this program.

Stress Relief with Therapy Dogs (1 Hour)

Focus: Environmental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness

Did you know that the presence of dogs has been proven to have many physical, social, and emotional benefits for humans? For college students specifically, the company of dogs is great for providing stress relief during hectic times such as midterms and final exams. During this program, participants can spend time interacting with therapy or service dogs (based on the specific organization they partner with). For this program, Student Support will provide you with the different points of contact for specific clubs/organizations you can collaborate with for this upcoming program. Residence Life- Student Support does not provide dogs for the program. Program availability depends on the availability of the specific club/organization you want to collaborate with. Request this program.

Visionary Vibes: Create Your Dream Board (1-1.5 Hours)

Focus: Spiritual Wellness, Social Wellness

During this program, students will learn how to create a vision board that represents the personal goals they would like to set for themselves. Students will spend time thinking about a positive change that they would like to build into their lives, and create their own vision boards to display their desired change. A discussion with Residence Life-Student Support will focus on strategies to enact the desired change, and how this change can positively impact one’s life. Request this program.

Avoid Pins & Needles (1 Hour)

Focus: Creative Wellness

Learn how to knit while caring for your mental health and wellness! If you already know how to knit, but are looking for an opportunity to get free knitting needles and connect with others, this program is also for you. During this program, we will discuss knitting as a creative outlet that can have positive impacts on your overall wellness. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

Settling Down with Glitter Jars (1 Hour)

Focus: Creative Wellness, Emotional Wellness

Feeling overwhelmed? Cultivating calm requires us to be settled and quiet. During this program, participants will learn how to slow down and be present in the moment. Participants will then make their own glitter jar and learn how to utilize their jar as a meditative relaxation tool. Request this program.  

Brushes & Bliss: Art for Stress Relief (1.5 hours)

Focus: Creative Wellness

Did you know that just 45 minutes of art-making can significantly lower your levels of stress? Join us for a 1-hour open studio experience where you can use art materials to express yourself freely, or engage with some easy-to-follow prompts to get you inspired. No art experience required, and any art you make is free to take with you! Request this program. 

The Art of Letting Go (1 Hour)

Focus: Spiritual Wellness

Inspired by the idea of living in the moment, learn the art of meditation as you use water and paint to draw on a Buddha Board. A Buddha Board is a type of painting board that allows you to create temporary artwork using only water. In just a few minutes, participants can reflect as the water dissipates from the Buddha Board. You are able to take the board home with you at the end of the program to practice this technique on your own. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

Zen Gardening (1 Hour)

Focus: Spiritual Wellness

Zen gardening has been utilized as a self-care tool for centuries, encouraging mindfulness, contemplation, and meditation. During this program, participants will use rocks, sand, and other materials to create their very own Zen garden. Participants will also learn about the history of Zen gardening, the symbolism behind their garden, and how Zen gardens can be used to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

S’more Support (1.5-2 hours)

Focus: Social Wellness

Indulge your senses and nourish your well-being at our S'mores Support program! Join us for an evening of relaxation and connection as we gather around a cozy fire to make delicious s'mores. Strengthen bonds with fellow participants as you share stories, laughter, and the simple pleasure of making and enjoying s'mores together.
*This program is weather-permitting and may only be requested for full building participation. There is an option to modify for small groups indoors.* Request this program.

Fidget Fun Factory: Create Your Own Calm (1.5 hours)

Get ready to unleash your creativity and calm your mind at our DIY fidget toys workshop! Join us for a hands-on experience where you can create your own customized fidget toys, including bracelets, spinners, and other devices. All materials and guidance will be provided, making this workshop suitable for all skill levels. Join us for a fun and therapeutic experience of crafting your own self-care tool! Request this program.

Canvas & Mocktails (1.5 hours)

Focus: Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness

Indulge in a creative and relaxing evening at our Canvas & Mocktails event! Paint a canvas and sip on delicious alcohol-free beverages, all while discovering healthy coping skills for managing life’s stressors. Discover healthy coping strategies for maintaining mental, physical, and social well-being. This event is open to all, whether you're a seasoned artist or picking up a paintbrush for the very first time. Join us for an evening of creativity, mocktails, and valuable insights into healthy living on campus! Request this program.

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