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Living on campus is an incredibly transformative experience, but it is not without its growing pains. Many students encounter challenging experiences while living on campus, and many others come to campus already working through difficulties. Our residents face a variety of real-world challenges during their stay with Rutgers.

The Residence Life-Student Support team connects with students living on campus who are navigating challenges to provide an extra layer of support and guidance. We consider each student’s unique needs and the resources, support, and accountability needed for their health, safety, and success.

Are you a student living on campus who needs additional support? Contact the Residence Life-Student Support team at or (848) 932-4371.


Residential Care Programs by Request

Residence Life-Student Support provides programs by request for students living on campus at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Our programs are geared toward the unique needs of residential communities and focus on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness (physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, environmental, social, creative, and spiritual). We offer remote programs and in-person programs. Our team will travel to your residence hall for in-person programs.

Residence Life full-time staff, Resident Assistants, and members of hall government (RHA, NRHH) can request any of the following programs by completing a programming request form. A team member will follow up via email within 1-3 business days of your request.

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For additional programs, please refer to HOPE Workshops. These workshops are primarily facilitated by Peer Educators through HOPE. For more please visit their website here: Workshops & Trainings – Student Health (


Program Menu


Mug Talk: Conversation Surrounding a Specific Dimension of Wellness (45 minutes)

Focus: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Financial, Environmental, Social, Creative, or Spiritual

Join the Residence Life Student Support team as we discuss further the different components any dimension of wellness of your choice. We will discuss available resources and different tips you can practice while focusing on yourself within that dimensions of wellness. Request this program.

Sleep Trivia (1 Hour)

Focus: Physical Wellness

Think you know much about sleep? Put it to the test! Come out in comfy clothes as we discuss sleep & the impact it has on us. We will then put your skills to the test with a sleep trivia game. Request this program.

Stress on the Brain: How Acute & Chronic Stress Impacts Brain Function (1 Hour)

Focus: Physical Wellness

During this program and discussion, students will learn about the effects of stress on the brain and body. We will talk about the warning signs of too much stress and how to regulate stress in order to contribute to overall health, happiness, and academic performance. Request this program.

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin (1 Hour)

Focus: Emotional Wellness

You have a lot on your plate! Come learn in an interactive way to see how you can identify areas to work on in your life, and personal action plans to do so. Request this program.

Impact of Traumatic Events (1 Hour)

Focus: Emotional Wellness

This program is designed to discuss the impact traumatic events may have had on you throughout your life, or even recently. We will also discuss ways to take care of ourselves as a result. Request this program.

Yellow Ribbon of Hope (Passive Program)

Focus: Emotional Wellness

Yellow is the color for suicide awareness. In this passive program, residents will receive a yellow ribbon that has available resources on campus attached to it. Residents will then be able to write or draw a picture/message of hope. Residents then can leave the yellow ribbon outside their door to see the positive messages as they are walking down their hallway. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

Make Your Own Wellness Kit (1 Hour) 

Focus: Emotional Wellness

Come out to learn about ways to help yourself during times of stress. After conversation, you will be able to create your own wellness bag that features making your own stress ball, coloring pages, and postcards to give yourself or others for encouragement. Request this program. 

Learn More About the Nine Dimensions of Wellness (45 Minutes)

Focus: Intellectual Wellness

Join Student Support for a program that reviews the Nine Dimensions of Wellness, & the resources on campus available to you to help develop each dimension. Request this program.

Foundation of Building Your Resume (1 Hour)

Focus: Occupational Wellness

Come learn how to reflect on your past and present experiences to create your resume. We will also look at ways to identify what makes you unique in creating the groundwork for your resume. This program is for students who are in the beginning stages of working on their resumes. Request this program.

Learn Your Word (1 Hour)

Focus: Occupational Wellness

Brought to you based on the book One Word that Will Change Your Life written by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page; join us as you discover your “one word” for the semester. We will discuss the impact your one word can have on you personally and in your academic settings & how to stay empowered with your word throughout the semester. Request this program.

The Self-Care Tool Kit: Creative Strategies for Busy People (1 Hour)

Focus: Occupational Wellness

During this presentation and discussion, students will learn a variety of methods for self-care and will have the opportunity to examine what self-care strategies work best for them. The methods discussed will be easy to implement for people with busy schedules, and can be scaled to meet an individual’s needs. Request this program.

Financial Stress Program (1 Hour)

Focus: Financial Wellness

Join Residence Life Student Support for a program discussion about financial stress and the impact it can have on your mental and physical health. We will also discuss ways to help relieve some stress due to finances. Request this program.

Plant Parent (1 Hour)

Focus: Environmental Wellness

Participate in this event by planting the seeds that Student Support can provide you to grow in your room. We will also discuss the benefits planting can have on your overall health and wellness. You can leave the program with a better understanding of how to care for yourself and your plant. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

Stress Relief with Dogs (1 Hour)

Focus: Environmental Wellness

During this program, students will spend time interacting with either therapy or service dogs based on the specific organization they partner with. The presence of dogs has been proven to have many physical, social, and emotional benefits for humans. For college students specifically, the company of dogs is great for providing stress relief during hectic times such as midterms and final exams. For this program, Student Support will provide you with the different points of contact for specific clubs/organizations you can collaborate with for this upcoming program. Request this program.

Nature Walk (1-2.5 Hours)

Focus: Environmental Wellness

Join Student Support as we explore different parts of the University such as: Rutgers Garden, Cook Douglass Farm, or Rutgers Ecological Preserve. During our time outside we will discuss the positive impact connecting with the environment has on you! Enjoy the Rutgers campus in a new way, and learn how to be more present while outside. (Due to some logistics with this program, please ensure that you are requesting this program at least two in a half weeks prior). Request this program.

Look Within Yourself (45 Minutes)

Focus: Social Wellness

Join us as we dive deeper with the opportunity to Look Within Yourself and bring to the surface what makes you, and have the opportunity to learn about others as well. Request this program.

Visualizing Positive Change: An Exercise and Discussion Using Vision Board (1-1.5 Hours)

Focus: Creative Wellness

During this program, students will learn how to create a vision board and the positive impact it can have while setting personal goals. Students will spend time thinking about and imagining a positive change that they would like to build into their lives. Students will have the chance to create their own Vision Boards to display their desired change. Discussion and processing will focus on strategies to enact the desired change as well as positive impacts resulting from the change. Request this program.

Avoid Pins & Needles (1 Hour)

Focus: Creative Wellness

This program provides an opportunity to learn how to knit while caring for your mental health and wellness. If you already know how to knit, but are looking for an opportunity to get free knitting needles and connect with others, this program is also for you! We will discuss how knitting positively impacts your overall wellness. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

Settling Down with Glitter Jars (1 Hour)

Focus: Creative Wellness

Feeling overwhelmed? Being calm requires us to feel settled and quiet. During this program we will discuss why it is important to slow down and be present. Participants will then make their own glitter jar and be able to learn how to utilize their mason jars to help them be relaxed. Request this program.  

Open Art Studio (1 Hour)

Focus: Creative Wellness

Did you know that just 45 minutes of art-making can significantly lower your levels of stress? Join us for a 1-hour open studio experience where you can use art materials to express yourself freely, or engage with some easy-to-follow prompts to get you inspired. No art experience required, and any art you make is free to take with you! Request this program. 

The Art of Letting Go (1 Hour)

Focus: Spiritual Wellness

Inspired by the idea of living in the moment, learn the art of meditation as you use water and paint to draw on your board. In a few minutes reflect as the water dissipates from your special cloth. Be able to take the board home with you at the end of the program to practice this technique repeatedly on your own. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

Zen Gardening (1 Hour)

Focus: Spiritual Wellness

Learn what Zen Gardening is, the symbolism behind your garden, and how you can use this to meditate. Available while supplies last. Request this program.

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