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International Student FAQs

When can I move in?

You will receive more information about moving in through your assignments email.

Are there any orientation sessions for international students?

Yes, Rutgers Global–International Student and Scholar Services organizes an orientation for all incoming international students. New graduate students living on campus will also receive information about graduate orientation via email.

What is provided in my room?

Go to the move-in website for what is in your room, what to bring, and what not to bring with you to Rutgers.

Will there be linen provided to me at my housing placement?

No, students are responsible for selecting and purchasing their own linens.

Can I send packages or things to my assignments before I arrive?

Please do not send anything that will arrive at campus before you do, as it will most likely be sent back or not delivered. Mail is not accepted at residence life buildings. Students receive mail via the main center on campus. You must opt-in to receive any packages at the mail centers. Visit the Rutgers Mail Services website, find your mailing address, the location of your mail center, and opt-in to receive packages.

Where do I receive my RUID Card?

If you are living on Busch, Livingston, or Cook Douglass campuses, you will get your RU ID card at the Residence Life Service Office on your campus.

No RUID cards can be printed on College Avenue. RUID cards can only be printed at Federation Hall on Douglass Campus: 620 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

Can I stay in my room during school breaks?

Students do not need to move their belongings out of residence halls over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Halls remain open for Thanksgiving break, however, most residence halls close during Winter and Spring breaks. During breaks, dining halls will be closed or have limited hours during break periods. Students cannot be in closed buildings during these breaks.

Some residence halls remain open over breaks for students who need to remain on campus for these periods of time; visiting international students are an example of students that would be eligible to take advantage of this opportunity.

While you may leave your belongings in your room, you must exit the building before closing, and may not reenter before the building reopens at the end of break. This means that you will not be able to access your room when your building is closed, so please ensure you take all of your essentials (medication, important documents) with you. You do not need to turn in your room keys or check out for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.

All apartment style housing options are 9 month contracts unless listed as otherwise.If you are not sure if your building is open or not, a full list of halls and their contract type are available on our rates and billing page or you may ask your Resident Assistant.

All students must move out of their rooms after the academic year is complete by a specific closing date in early May.

What should I do if I want to change my room/building/campus?

If you are wanted to change spaces due to a roommate concern or emergency issue, please contact your Resident Assistant, Hall Director, or Residence Life Coordinator for assistance.

If you want to change rooms to be closer to your classes, want to live in a different community or other convenience reason, you can submit a room change request by logging into your online housing application and your request will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis as spaces are available.

On campus housing at Rutgers is almost always filled to capacity every year, so room changes may be very difficult or not possible due to space availability depending on the time of year.