Continuing Students FAQ

Continuing Students FAQ
How do I apply to live in on-campus housing for next year?

The housing process for continuing students is completely online selection process! Current Rutgers students re-apply for on-campus housing through an annual housing selection process that allows students to search and select a room or apartment online. During housing selection, students must first apply for a housing selection number. Participating in the housing selection is required in order for a student to apply to any housing type. 

Do I have more living options as an upper class students?

Yes. Continuing students may choose to live in any of our residence styles, including suites and apartments. There may also be special interest living communities only available to continuing students.

I did not live on campus this year. Can I apply to live on campus?

Yes. Students can apply via the housing selection process and request to live on campus at any time during their student experience at Rutgers.

I have a friend who is an incoming transfer student, Can we request to be roommates?

Transfer students can only request to live with other incoming transfer students or choose to be assigned roommates. If you are currently assigned to a space with a vacancy, you can email to inquire about a friend who is an incoming transfer student filling this vacancy.

I have a friend who is a first-year student coming to campus, can we request to be roommates?

First-year students can only request to room with other first-year students.