Move-In Team

Volunteers are needed for Tuesday, August 27, Wednesday, August 28, and Thursday, August 29, 2024!

Join the Move-In Team volunteers and assist incoming First Years and Transfer students as they move into their residence hall.  Be a part of this welcome and service tradition and help our newest Scarlet Knights as they settle into their hall for the year.

Only continuing students who will be returning in Fall 2024 may participate with the Residence Life Move-In Team.  New/Incoming and New Transfer students are NOT eligible to be part of the Move-In Team.

Register to volunteer by Friday, August 2, 2024.

Move-In Team Member

Volunteer for Move-In Team

Move-In Team provides current Rutgers students and organizations the opportunity to welcome new students to campus. Benefits include:

  • Student organizations, including Greek organizations, may count all volunteer hours completed with the Move-In Team as community service/volunteering hours. All student organizations that participate with the Residence Life Move-In Team must be registered and recognized by the Rutgers University Office of Student Involvement or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.
  • Move-In Team volunteers can move into their on-campus residence hall, room, suite, or apartment as early as Sunday, August 25th.
  • All Move-In Team volunteers will receive a free t-shirt.

Please note, volunteers are needed for Tuesday, August 27Wednesday, August 28, and Thursday, August 29, 2023. Register today!

Register at

Login with your RU credentials. Go to Move-In Team Volunteer section and follow directions to complete registration.

Scarlet Knight helping with move-inAbout Move-In Team

“Move-In” refers to the process of students moving into their on-campus residence hall, usually for the first time.  First-Year Student and Transfer Student Move-In occur over the course of a few days as there are several thousand incoming students moving in.  The Move-In Team are a huge part of helping make this a smooth experience for our new students.  

Because Rutgers University-New Brunswick is one of the largest residential student campuses in the country, this process can sometimes feel overwhelming for new students and their families.  That’s where the Move-In Team comes in!

As a Move-In Team volunteer you’ll help welcome our students to campus, promote Rutgers spirit and assist with moving belongings.  Our volunteers sign up as individuals and from a variety of recognized Rutgers clubs, fraternities and sororities.  

Contact to learn more about Move-In Team.

Move-In Team Q&A

What Does a Move-In Team Do? 

Moving into a college residence hall for the first time can be stressful for families planning for the experience.  Questions like—how will everything get unloaded from the car, how will we bring all the items to the room in the minimal amount of trips?, can create a stressful experience.

This is where our Move-In Team comes to the rescue.  Move-In Team volunteers help greet students as they arrive on campus and assist them in unloading belongings from their car (sometimes 2 cars!) into wheeled moving bins provided by Residence Life.  Move-In Team volunteers bring the moving bins to the students assigned room and assists the student and their families get belongings unloaded.  Along the way from the unloading site to their new room, Move-In Team volunteers help point out the campus dining halls, convenient bus stops and offer welcome tips from their first year experience.  

Finally Rutgers is one of the largest residential colleges in the country. Lots of people and lots of items means move-in days can get incredibly busy.  Having a Move-In Team helps efficiently get belongings to where they need to be and relieve the stress students may have on their move-in day!

How Do I Register for Move-In Team?

Register at

Login with your RU credentials. Go to Move-In Team Volunteer section and follow directions to complete registration.

Why Should You Join the Move-In Team?

Be a part of a Rutgers tradition!

As part of the Move-In Team, you get to move into your room and get settled in early.

Get a cool Move-In Team T-Shirt!

If registering to volunteer as part of an approved Rutgers organization, Residence Life will provide confirmation of completed service hours from your combined times for all organization members.

Help welcome incoming new students and show them what a great community Rutgers can be.