Check Out These Amazing Rooms On Campus! - 2023

Check Out These Amazing Rooms On Campus!

For students living on campus, there’s lots of ways to make your space here at Rutgers feel like home. We found the most uniquely decorated rooms on campus and highlighted our favorites down below. Take a look at how these students transformed their spaces and made it their own!

Create a Calming Space

Incorporating plants and calm lighting into your room can make your space feel more relaxing. Shannon filled her Busch campus room with decorative plants and real dried flowers, and created a DIY canopy out of string lights and command hooks over her bed. Shannon also put a lot of focus into making her bed comfy, as she considers that the key to making her room feel like a real home.

Find your Zen

A great way to unwind in your room is to create a cozy atmosphere. Gavin of BEST Hall did exactly that by focusing on putting his “energy” into the room while keeping it minimalistic. Through moody lighting and an essential oil diffuser, he creates a perfect vibe to come back to and study at the end of the day.

Clean and Cozy Vibes

Keeping a clean room can help keep your mind clear, while warm lighting can make a space feel more welcoming. With their no shoes rule and only ever using ambient lighting, roommates and high school best friends Kaitlyn and Alexandra keep their College Ave dorm room clean and cozy. One of their favorite pieces of décor is their squiggly LED light, which they can change the color of to match their mood.

Highlight Your Interests

Decorating your room gives you the opportunity to showcase your interests anyway you’d like. Alexa decorated her Douglass dorm by filling it with her favorite books, music, and video games. Alexa has a passion for computers and likes to have her self-built desktop computer be the centerpiece of her room. She tied all of her favorite things together by having mostly muted colors to create a chill environment she can feel at home in.

Create a Cohesive Space

Ava and Emily are roommates with very different styles, but found ways to tie their vibes together in their College Ave room. Ava's side of the room is very boho and green while Emily’s side is more preppy and hot pink. To counteract the contrast, the roommates keep the room symmetrical with matching headboards, vanities, and even matching neon signs, which all help to create a feeling of harmony.

Showcase your Artistry


Channeling your creativity into your room lets you express yourself on a whole other level. Imani created her own pink wonderland fantasy in her Douglass dorm, making most of her decorations from scratch. When she’s not studying, she uses her desk as an art station, with painting and sewing supplies she’s able to unwind while working on her favorite hobbies.

Good Vibes Only


Surrounding yourself with daily affirmations can help keep you motivated and on track. Marisa filled her Livingston room with words to remind her to work hard and stay true to herself. Her pastel color palette keeps her room’s style upbeat, and tying in things like her personalized whiteboard and pictures of friends mixes in her personality.

Keep it Colorful

Filling your space with bright colors can help uplift your mood and keep you energized. Alessa covered her Livingston room in colorful décor to make every inch of the space pop. From her own art pieces to mementos she’s collected throughout her life, Alessa finds comfort through her maximalist style of decorating.

The featured rooms are finalists of the 2023 Room Decorating Contest. Congratulations to Shannon, our first-place winner! Special thanks to our sponsors Kiteand Key and Rutgers Cinema 

We hope you took some inspo from this year’s finalists, and that you share this article with your friends to come up with some décor ideas for next year! If you want to share your room ideas with us, then show us! — @Rutgersreslife on FacebookTwitter, Instagram


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