Humans of Res Life, Isa

Photo of Isa


Nicholas Hall, Cook Campus

“I came to Rutgers because originally I wanted to study animal science and Rutgers has a good program, but once I got here I was really interested in chemistry. I’m now studying forensic chemistry because it may provide me with an opportunity to give back someday by getting into law enforcement.

I really love Rutgers because it’s beautiful here and I still get that city feel like I have at home [in Queens, N.Y.]. One thing I have noticed though is that, like any big city, New Brunswick has individuals experiencing homelessness. These are citizens of New Brunswick and they struggle to find support. I see it and I’m driven to help them.

I’ve started my own charity project to raise awareness about homelessness in New Brunswick. It remains untitled, but so far I’ve referred to it as, “Change for Charity.” I collect loose change for local charities and soup kitchens around New Brunswick. While it’s still in its formative stages, the idea is to just gather loose change and be able to give it back to the community.

I was really motivated to do this because there are people around me who need help and as a Rutgers student and a fellow member of the New Brunswick community, I can’t ignore that. The nice thing too is that Rutgers already has other ways to give back to the community and those less fortunate. I recently helped the Rutgers Rotaract Club with putting together pre-packaged meals.

I just really want to leave my mark on the New Brunswick community and motivate other people to give back. Overall, I try to respect all people and be grateful for what I have, and I try to live by and remind others of that.”

Isa is a first-year student from Queens, N.Y. studying forensic chemistry. He currently resides in Nicholas Hall on the Cook Campus.


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