School of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund LLC

School of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund LLC


This community is a collaboration between the departments of Residence Life and the SAS Educational Opportunity Fund. All activities and events are designed to enhance each student’s overall undergraduate experience. Students accepted into the community will live together in Lynton Towers on the Livingston Campus

sasStudents in the School of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (SAS EOF) will continue to benefit from what the SAS EOF Program offers during the Summer Institute, which is to provide a community for students to thrive with other students like themselves, who come from similar socio-economic and educational backgrounds, and to provide resources that will help bridge the gap to ensure their success at Rutgers.  Students in this LLC will live with peers who share similar backgrounds and challenges, and will be provided a live-in peer mentor and LLC Resident Assistant. The LLC will create a supportive environment and a sense of community and belonging, leaning into shared experiences, and giving students a space to come together with people who understand and empathize with them.  This sense of camaraderie and connection can provide social, emotional, and psychological support.  Living in community with shared goals can also encourage peer accountability, encouraging students to motivate and support one another in a safe space, where together, they can focus on their studies and academic goals.  

sas Members of this community will have an opportunity to develop their cultural competency for other religions, races, cultures, and perspectives, in a space where they can learn and ask questions to prepare them for the vast diversity that Rutgers has to offer, while having a sense of pride and identity for who they are.  The LLC will prepare students for their future and give them the support, resources, skills, and confidence to soar individually and in the greater spaces of Rutgers, to lead and excel academically and confidently, in a university setting.

In order to be selected for the SAS EOF LLC, you must also complete the SAS EOF application, found here:

  • Build a network of staff members who are willing to assist you in your college journey
  • Individualized attention from residence life staff peer mentor and LLC RA
  • Engage in a dynamic, positive, and fun environment with unique, targeted programming
  • All incoming LLC members will take the course that is already required for the SAS EOF program. There is no additional course requirement. 
  • Study groups
  • Peer advising
  • Financial literacy programming
  • Career and networking exposure

Students must identify as SAS EOF in order to participate in the community. Students who are selected for the community will be placed into Lynton Towers hall on the Livingston Campus. All members of the community will live on the floor where the LLC is located. There are no housing scholarships for this purpose. 

LLC Orientation

Make Rutgers home! We’d like you to begin to connect with students, faculty, and staff even before the start of classes. We intend to have an LLC orientation in late August or early September. Students who have been accepted to the community will be provided further information on the LLC orientation date and time.

  • All incoming LLC members take the RU-1st Seminar, a 10-week, 1.5 credit course on Fridays in the fall semester.
  • Download a sample syllabus for this community
    • Please note: Syllabi and Instructors change over time, so this may not be the exact syllabus or course content that you will take as a future participant.
  • New Student Orientation (2 days) – June 24th and June 25th
  • One day on campus (of their choosing) during the last two weeks in June to attend a verification workshop (TBD)
  • EOF Summer Institute – July 1 – July 26th  [July 1-5 (virtual); July 8-26 (in person)]
  • Meet with your EOF Counselor at least once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters; twice a month during the spring semester if your Fall GPA is below 2.0.
  • Attend at least one workshop during the each of the Fall and Spring semesters (LLC workshops can count for this)

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