Asian American Identities & Images

Asian American Identities and Images Community

The Asian American Identities & Images Living Learning community (AAII LLC) seeks to enhance students’ knowledge of the diverse lived experiences of Asian Americans and other peoples of Asian descent in the United States. The AAII LLC provides a sense of community among undergraduates in this program and the Rutgers University community at large. 

This unique residential environment combines curricular and co-curricular activities designed to enhance each student’s overall college experience. All Rutgers students interested in the diverse cultural and ethnic groups that comprise Asian America are encouraged to apply to join the community.  This community is comprised of students, ranging from first-year students through seniors, who are interested in building a community based on mutual interests, developing their knowledge of Asians/Asian Americans in the United States and across the diaspora, creating connections with University faculty and staff, and exploring leadership opportunities through social and cultural organizations.

Students and mentors will live on the College Avenue Campus, adjacent to downtown New Brunswick with theaters, restaurants, student-friendly shopping, and the NJ Transit train station for easy access to NYC and Philadelphia. Pell and Hegeman Halls are in the heart of the College Avenue Campus in the scenic Bishop Quad area.

  • Build a network of faculty and staff members who are willing to assist you in your college journey
  • Individualized attention from residence life staff
  • Cultural immersion and enrichment
  • Engage in a dynamic, positive, and fun environment with unique, targeted programming. Past events have included:
    • Field trips
    • Movie nights
    • Holiday celebrations
    • Cultural dinners
    • Guest speakers
    • Community service
  • Connections to other LLCs such as Latin Images (Latin diaspora), Paul Robeson (African diaspora), and French Language and Culture
  • Exposure to Asian American affiliated campus clubs and organizations
  • All incoming LLC members take a 1.5 credit course (taken in fall and spring for total of 3 credits) which counts towards the Certificate in Asian/Asian American Studies.
  • Open to undergraduate students within all schools and all class years, including transfer students.
  • Students do not need to identify as Asian/Asian-American in order to participate in the community. 
  • In order to participate in an LLC, you must live in the building in which the LLC is located.
  •  Select Asian American Identities and Images on the Housing Application.
  • Take placement tests ASAP (if applicable) so that we may review your scores: 
  • Incoming first-year students must place into 01:355:101 Expository Writing/College Writing, 01:333:104 College Writing Extended or AP out for English testing. 
  • Transfer students do not need to take placement tests unless told by a Rutgers advisor. 

LLC Orientation

Make Rutgers home! We’d like you to begin to connect with students, faculty, and staff even before the start of classes. We intend to have an LLC orientation in late August or early September. More information to come.


  • All incoming LLC members take a 1.5 credit course (taken in fall and spring for total of 3 credits) which counts towards the Certificate in Asian/Asian American Studies. 
  • Live-in Residence
  • Attending community sported events and mentoring conversations
  • Download a sample syllabus for this community. Please note: Syllabi change over time, so this may not be the exact course content that you will take as a future participant.

Student Testimonials

  • “The Professor and Peer Mentor did a really good job creating open and safe communities for discussion.”
  • “My peer mentor is super kind and understanding. She’s always aiming to help with anything, and one-on-one meetings with her feel super comfortable. She has a way of making you feel relaxed around her, which makes it easier to talk to her.”
  • “Sometimes, if I had a question about a class, I could ask my peer mentor or my classmates. Otherwise, the LLC helped me make friends and feel like a member of the college, which was hard because of the online format”

Ambassador Program

Students who have participated in the Asian American Identities and Images Living-Learning Community, and taken the seminar, may come back to the community the following year, and participate in the Community Ambassador Program (CAP). Rather than taking the seminar again, CAP members are encouraged to continue their cultural and personal growth by actively participating in the following activities:

  • 1-2 service projects/academic year created in collaboration with the community;
  • Attend events hosted by the Paul Robeson Cultural Center, Center for Latino Arts and Culture, and the Asian American Cultural Center;
  • Participate in 2 of 3 workshops per semester, engage in conversation and activities with the facilitator and campus partners present at each workshop.

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