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Residential Care for Student Support

Living on campus is an incredibly transformative experience, but it is not without its growing pains. Many students encounter challenging experience while living on campus, and many others come to campus already working through difficulties. Our residential student population faces a variety of real-world challenges throughout the year.

Our specialized team connects with residential students who are navigating challenges in order to provide an extra layer of support and guidance wherever we can. We learn of students of concern through reporting systems, referrals from faculty and staff, and outreach from students and families directly. We consider each unique student and the resources, support, and accountability needed for their health, safety and success.  

In addition to our direct services to students, our unit utilizes our expertise and access to residential communities to provide programming, outreach and initiatives for students and student leaders on campus. Our programming efforts help students to gain the skills they need to navigate life’s inevitable challenges, and to reduce preventable crises such as extreme stress, lack of self-care, isolation and interpersonal concerns. Our program efforts are geared toward the unique needs of residential communities around campus.

Our Partners

While our team provides residential students with specialized accommodations, care and support, our work is most helpful thanks to the interdependent relationship we have with our campus partners. Below is a list of these partners, click the links below to learn more.