Learning, Community, Integrity, Inclusion, Innovation


Our Mission

Rutgers Residence Life Mission 

We create inclusive, engaging, and supportive communities where residents thrive personally and academically. We achieve this through intentional engagement opportunities, support initiatives, and administrative processes.

Rutgers Residence Life Values  

LearningWe create opportunities for residents to be curious, gain knowledge, apply their learning, and continue to build toward their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Community: We create experiences for residents to build relationships, develop connections, and learn how to care for, engage with, and respect others.

InclusionWe create intentional pathways for residents to learn about their own and others’ identities and histories as they use justice as an action to create more equitable environments.

Integrity: We create a meaningful on-campus living experience by upholding a culture of consideration, trust, and accountability among individuals and communities.

InnovationWe create an environment to apply research, creatively ideate, and foster collaboration among residents and staff to meet the evolving holistic pursuits of our residents and communities.

Download our Missions and Values PDF.