Title: Hall Director for Newell, Starkey Apartments
Office Location: Cook/Douglass Residence Life Office, PAL Building, Cook/Douglass Campus
Phone Number: 848-932-9363
Email: tim.black@rutgers.edu
Undergraduate College/University Major(s)/Minor(s) Completed: B.S. Psychology, Minor in Sociology, Fairleigh Dickinson University–Florham Campus

Why did you choose to work at Rutgers Residence Life?
“During my time in undergrad, I changed my major six times. I never really loved any of the majors that I was picking, so I had to take a step back an look at what I loved while I was in college. At this point I had already been an RA and a orientation leader and loved being involved in shaping a students journey. It was those moment of reflection that led me to a career in student affairs”