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Who We Are

The Rutgers Residential Care Team serves as a resource for all residentially based students living on any of the five campuses at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. We support students through a variety of creative initiatives, specialized services, outreach, campus partnerships, and housing accommodations. Our unique placement within the department of Residence Life allows us to address concerns specific to living on campus, and the understanding that residential experiences can have a profound impact on students’ academic and personal lives. Our goal is to assist students in navigating challenges that arise while they live on campus, and to support students through a successful residential experience.

The two pillars of our residential care team model consists of: special housing accommodations for students with medical needs and disabilities and student support for students facing a wide variety of challenges. Our special housing accommodation process ensures that our residential students are placed in residence halls that reasonably accommodate their approved physical and emotional needs. Student support works with residential students who are encountering challenges while at Rutgers. We meet with students to assess their needs, connect students to helpful resources, and prepare students to take the next steps they need in order to remain safe and healthy.

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During this workshop and discussion, students will learn about the effects of stress on the brain and body. We will talk about the warning signs of too much stress and how to regulate stress in order to contribute to overall health, happiness and academic performance. 1 hour

During this workshop, students will complete an Art Therapy assessment about stress and coping mechanisms. The assessment will be followed by discussion and processing around how to cope with stress in a healthy way. 1 – 1.5 hours

During this program, students will spend time interacting with therapy dogs. The presence of therapy dogs has been proven to have many physical, social, and emotional benefits for humans. For college students specifically, therapy dogs are great for providing stress relief during hectic times such as midterms and final exams. 1 hour

During this presentation and discussion, students will learn a variety of methods for self-care, and will have the opportunity to examine what self-care strategies work best for them. Methods discussed will be easy to implement for people with busy schedules, and can be scaled to meet an individual’s needs. 1 hour

During this workshop, students will spend time thinking about and imagining a positive change that they would like to build into their lives. Students will have the chance to create 8.5”x11” “Vision Boards” to display their desired change. Discussion and processing will focus on strategies to enact the desired change as well as positive impacts resulting from the change. 1 – 1.5 hours

Meet Our Team

Kimberly Kosinski

Residential Care Coordinator

Kimberly is responsible for the coordination of special housing accommodations and oversees all service and support animals on campus. Earning a master’s degree in college student affairs from Rutgers University, Kimberly has always had a passion for understanding the needs of students with disabilities. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with fellow professionals so that they too can help meet the needs of this student population. Kimberly values access to education, and advocates on behalf of all students to ensure that they have the opportunity to pursue their education without barriers.

Meurcie Zignoli

Residential Care Coordinator

As a residential care coordinator for student support, Meurcie has combined her educational background in art therapy with her professional experience in higher education. Meurcie received her master’s degree in art therapy from Marywood University, where she developed a solid foundation in mental health and creative approaches to wellness. Following graduate school, she has held several profession positions in residence life. With her unique skill set, Meurcie is able to assist and support students in many aspects of their lives while they are here at Rutgers.

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