Sean Dowd

Director of Residence Life, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

What was your favorite part about working in Rutgers Residence Life?
“Working with a diverse group of stellar and eager professionals who care deeply about student and staff success. And, my College Avenue staff dream team!”

What other opportunities did you partake in while working at Rutgers?
“Working at Rutgers provides you with a wide variety of personal and professional development opportunities outside of your Residence Life role. I was fortunate to serve as Co-Chair for the 2012 Rutgers Student Affairs Conference, Staff Senator within the Rutgers University Senate, CAACURH 2012 host committee, and I presented nationally at ACPA and NASPA on behalf of the Rutgers Global Roommates Program (GRP) learning community. Most importantly, I learned from colleagues and made life-long friends.”

How did Rutgers Residence Life best prepare you for your current position?
“From assessment to student learning and development, Rutgers Residence Life provides opportunities to develop core competency areas necessary to be successful as a senior student affairs officer.”

Any words of advice or wisdom?
“Make work fun, recognize others, and seize every available opportunity to grow!”