University Housing is provided for the exclusive use of Rutgers students as assigned by the campus housing offices. Guests are permitted for no more than three nights within a 7-day period; however, residents are advised that they are responsible for the behavior of their guests. A student may not permit visitors to use the housing facilities for any period of time, over the objection of their roommate(s), if it becomes a source of complaint by other residents or university staff, or when its use becomes, through duration or frequency, a de facto subcontracting of space to an unauthorized person. Violation of the guest policy may result in judicial action and/or termination of the resident’s housing agreement and removal of the guest from university housing.

When you invite a guest to visit you, provide him/her with your telephone number and ask that he/she calls upon arrival. Do not prop the entry door open, an alarm may sound and your convenience could lead to another resident being robbed or injured. It is your responsibility to meet your guest at the building entrance. Don’t allow strangers into your home. Persons making deliveries are not allowed in the facility unless met and accompanied by a resident.


For the family apartments, the term “resident” refers to the contract holding student and his/her spouse, domestic partner, and/or children as approved by the Residence Life Office through the Housing Contract.

Parents, relatives and significant others of the student or spouse may be allowed extended stays only with prior approval of the Residence Life Office.  The request, however, cannot exceed the maximum occupancy limit, which is as follows:

Nichols, Johnson, and Marvin Apartments:  limited to 6 people

Overnight guests are permitted to visit for a short period of time, up to three nights every two weeks as long as the total number of overnight occupants does not exceed the maximum occupancy limit.