Ban on Hoverboards:

As part of the university’s commitment to maintain a safe campus, Rutgers University has decided to institute a ban on hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters and hands-free segways.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has raised concerns about the safety of hoverboards and several agencies are currently investigating fires and injuries related to these devices.  In addition, numerous media reports have documented incidents of fires during both use and charging periods.

Therefore, effective immediately, hoverboards are not permitted to be operated, charged or stored on campus or in any Rutgers owned building. This ban will be reevaluated at such time that the CPSC has concluded its investigation of the fire-related incidents involving hoverboards.

These devices have been placed on the prohibited items list under the University’s Fire Safety regulations (

If you own a hoverboard, please do not bring the devices on campus.  If you choose to use them off-campus, please be sure to follow the safety precautions outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the National Fire Protection Association.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued support of campus safety initiatives. Should you have any questions or wish to report the use or storage of a hoverboard in a university facility, feel free to email the Department of Emergency Services at

Due to the extreme dangers presented by fire hazards in student rooms, the University will continually monitor all living areas through Residence Life Staff visits and formal, unannounced inspections by representatives of the University Fire Department, the Division of Housing, and Residence Life.

Fire extinguishers, smoke and heat detectors, fire alarm bells, and pull stations are critical to life safety and should never be damaged, vandalized, or misused. State and Federal laws require stiff penalties for the abuse of these items.

  • Electric Skillets Broilers
  • Toaster oven Hot Pots without safety shut-off
  • Microwaves not provided by the University
  • Cooking is not allowed in residence hall or suite rooms, or in areas other than the kitchens of apartments or the community kitchens in designated residence halls.

Room heating and cooling devices not issued by the Division of Housing are prohibited in all housing areas. This includes all space heaters, personal coolers, and air conditioners.

Oil lamps, candles, and incense are expressly prohibited in all residence areas. Decorative candles with wicks removed are NOT permitted. No more then 30% of the wall surface may be covered with posters. Large flags, fish netting, tapestries, or large cloth hangings are not permitted on walls or ceilings.

  • No flammable liquids, such as paint thinner, oil based paint, dry cleaning fluid, etc. shall be stored in any resident rooms or areas not specifically approved for such storage.
  • No motorcycle, moped, or gasoline engine shall be permitted within any residence building.
  • Fireworks and sparklers are prohibited in all residence halls, apartments, or suites.
  • Extension cords (only surge protectors are permitted).  Items that do not have a surge suppressor integrated into a unit and have multiple electrical outlets are treated like a multi-plug extension cord and therefore prohibited in the Residence Halls
  • Torchiere halogen lamps are not allowed.

Residents are urged to be fire conscious at all times. Observance of the common sense rules listed below will help to protect your life and perhaps save the lives of your friends.

  • Do not place combustible articles on radiators or radiator covers.
  • Do not attach anything to the ceiling light fixture or ceiling mounted sprinklers and/or smoke detectors.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets. Multiple plug adapters are permitted ONLY when not more than two (2) appliance cords are attached. Only one (1) plug adapter is permitted per wall receptacle.
  • All personal items should be kept within your room/apartment. There shouldn’t be any personal items left in hallways or stairwells.