Click here to view fines and sanctions for common alcohol/drug offenses

    1. Alcohol cannot be possessed or consumed in rooms, suites, or apartments where all residents are under the age of 21.
    2. Alcohol may not be possessed or consumed in a public area of the residences. All areas in a residence hall, except for private rooms, are considered public areas. When the door of a private room is open, the room is considered a public area. Only those of legal drinking age may transport closed containers of alcohol.
    3. Individuals under the age of 21 may not consume alcohol. Only those of legal drinking age may be served alcohol.
    4. Individuals may not provide alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age. Those who do are subject to penalties under University regulations and under New Jersey state law.
    5. To avoid disagreements regarding violations of the alcohol policy, the display of empty alcoholic beverage containers not limited to bottles, cans, and cases are prohibited in public areas and student rooms, which includes containers used as decoration. This applies to all residents regardless of age.
    6. Drinking games (whether or not alcohol is involved) or other behaviors designed for the purpose of rapid and/or excessive consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
    7. At no time should activities which encourage excessive drinking and/or lead to the endangerment of the individual served take place in the residence halls.
  1. Any student, regardless of age, found to be acutely intoxicated, will be evaluated by Emergency Services for possible hospital treatment. Any student, regardless of age, requiring hospital treatment, will be subsequently evaluated by the Alcohol and Other Drug Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program for Students.
  2. All Residents will be held responsible for the behavior of their guest, which includes Rutgers students.