Ian Christopher D. Ulep - CSA '19

Community Director for Residential Education, University of San Diego

What was your favorite part about working in Rutgers Residence Life?
“I enjoyed networking and befriending so many professionals in a large department. I felt that even while on campus, I could step away from work and get to know everyone in the other campus offices and the central office. Building this network of professional-friends provided a wide network of support and care during my time as a Hall Director. Busch Campus, and the entire Rutgers-New Brunswick Campus will always feel like home, and I hope to visit soon.”

What other opportunities did you partake in while working at Rutgers?
“While I worked in Residence Life, I took the time to explore professional opportunities with our campus partners. Under the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs I piloted the NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship Program, which served students with historically underreprested identities who wanted to pursue a career in Student Affairs. With the Center for Social Justice & LGBT Communities, I assisted in the planning and creation for the Diversity Peer Educator program, set to pilot Fall 2019, educating our first-year students around topics and issues of social justice and equity. Lastly, I worked with the Office of Student Conduct, serving as a Conduct Review Board Advisor, where our undergraduate students adjudicated in our appeals processes.”

How did Rutgers Residence Life and the College of Student Affairs program best prepare you for your current position?
“I’d be lying if I said that Rutgers Residence Life didn’t over-prepare me for my current position. With the vast amount of experiences and partnerships that we have, just within the department, I feel confident and equipped to manage protocols, administrative workloads, and student support. Between Busch & Livingston Campuses, the graduate students directly serve over 8,000 students on duty, aside from our specific areas of work. Along with my assignment to B.E.S.T. Hall and Busch Campus, I took advantage of the specialty partners over at central office. To network and learn from these professionals supplemented my experience in ways that have a direct impact on the students I serve now at the University of San Diego.”