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Summer Session Housing

Summer Session Housing

The 2023 Summer Session Housing application is now open!

Summer Session Housing is offered at Livingston Apartments. Pre-Summer Housing is also available at Livingston Apartments May 11-May 28. Students must be registered for summer session courses to be eligible. Summer housing is $260.00 per week, per person. See FAQs below for more information.

Below is the list of the end dates for summer session housing contracts:

Housing Sessions - Summer 2023

Session TypeSession DatesCost 
4 Week AMay 29 – June 23$1040
4 Week BJune 26 – July 21$1040
5 WeekJuly 10 – August 16$1,300
6 Week AMay 29 – July 7$1,560
6 Week BJune 26 – August 4$1,560
7 WeekJune 26 – August 16$1,820
8 WeekMay 29 – July 21$2,080
10 WeekMay 29 – August 5 $2,600
11 WeekMay 29 – August 16$2,860

Questions can be directed via email to or calling 848-445-0750.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live off campus, can I move onto campus for summer session?

Yes, all current students may apply for summer school housing.

I need to stay on campus for summer, but there are no classes available for what I need. Can I remain on campus?

Students who don’t plan to be registered may apply, however, we will review your application on a case-by-case basis.

My lease is ending off campus. What should I do?

You may apply for summer session housing on-campus or if you wish to remain off-campus you can contact the Off-Campus Living Office, 848-932-5500 or for assistance and advice.

I only need to stay on campus until my flight is available to go home, probably 10 days or so. What can I do?

You may remain on campus for a short period due to such circumstances. When you apply for summer housing, be sure to indicate the date you are leaving the country.

If I stay for a short time after my move-out date, will I need to move to a new residence hall?

It is possible you will need to move to another hall, however, students that live in a space that is identified as a summer housing space may be permitted to remain. This is handled case-by-case.