Wessels and Leupp Halls, Bishop Quad, College Avenue Campus
Students in this vibrant, fun, and engaging environment are exposed to French language and culture through events and activities. If you are interested in learning about French language and culture through a unique experience, then this learning community is for you! This community can also help prepare students for study abroad.
Students will live in Wessels and Leupp Halls on the College Avenue Campus, adjacent to downtown New Brunswick theaters, restaurants, student-friendly shopping, and the NJ Transit train station for easy access to NYC and Philadelphia. Wessels Hall and Leupp Hall  are in the heart of the College Avenue Campus in the scenic Bishop Quad area.
Programming in the past has included:
  • A trip to Princeton University for theatrical presentation of La Comedie-Française.
  • French Movie Night: “Ne le dis à Personne”
  • Attending a performance of Cyrano de Bergerac at the Philip J. Levin Theater
  • Participation in French Club Meetings and activities
  • Game nights, informal dinners,  lunches, and gatherings etc
  • You must take the French language placement exam and receive a score of 131, FFH, or FFW to determine eligibility. 
  • Open to all class years affiliated with SAS, SEBS, and RBS schools
  • Must place into Basic Composition or higher for English testing
  • For current students:  If you are enrolled in 01:420:121 or 01:420:102 and above you are eligible.
  • LLC members take a 1.5 credit course (taken in fall and spring for total of 3 credits). Academic deans will enroll incoming first-year students into the course.  Incoming transfers will receive a special permission number to enroll themselves in the course. 
LLC Orientation

Make Rutgers home! We’d like you to begin to connect with students, faculty, and staff even before the start of classes. We intend to have an LLC orientation in late August or early September. More information to come.

Students will participate in the following:

Fall and Spring:
  • LLC members take a 1.5 credit French Cultural Experience course (taken in fall and spring for total of 3 credits). Academic deans will enroll incoming first-year students into the course. Incoming transfers will receive a special permission number to enroll themselves in the course.
  • Attend community sponsored events and activities

Download a sample syllabus for this community. Please note: Syllabi and Instructors change over time, so this may not be the exact syllabus or course content that you will take as a future participant.

Application Process

Current Students:

  1. Complete the LLC application. The application is due Sunday, April 18.
  2. Apply for a housing selection number by April 19.


First-Year/Transfer Students:

  1. Take your placement testing ASAP if you are a first-year. Most of the communities require Basic Composition or higher and we cannot accept you into a community until we have reviewed your placement scores.
    • We will not review scores for the International LLC.
    • Business and Health and Medicine require math and English scores.
    • French Language and Culture require French scores.
  2. If you have APed out of the courses related to the LLC of your choice, this opportunity is likely not the best fit for you as you will not be able to take the courses affiliated with the LLC. You may upload scores for our office to review here.
  3. Go to oncampus.rutgers.edu for your housing application. When you arrive to the Learning Communities page on the housing application, utilize the drop-down box to select a living-learning community based on an interest area you would like to explore. Remember you must live in the designated residence hall and take the associated course(s) in order to participate in our LLCs. The priority deadline for applications is June 7, but we will accept applications after this date if there is space.  BE SURE TO REVIEW THE REQUIREMENTS AND ELIGIBILITY SECTIONS BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR A COMMUNITY THROUGH THE HOUSING APPLICATION.
  4. The following LLCs require a brief supplemental application in addition to the housing application. The supplemental application can be found here for: Entrepreneurship and Innovation LLC, Business Discovery House, and Health and Medicine.
  5. After we check your scores and review your housing and supplemental application (if applicable) we will notify you via email whether your application has been accepted or declined. Ensure the email you list on your application is one you can check after you’ve graduated from your current institution/left your previous institution.  If your application is accepted, you will be automatically enrolled in the LLC if there is a COMPLETED housing application on file.  If you wish to no longer participate it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to immediately respond to our email and make us aware of your wish to decline the LLC. If we decline your application, you will be provided an opportunity to apply for a different LLC if space and time allows.  Generally, the earlier you apply, the sooner we can notify you.
  6. SAS Transfer Knights LLCs are not found on the Housing application as they are an invite-only community. If you are eligible, you will be emailed by the Transfer Center.

For more information, please submit an interest form.