There is an entire team of faculty and staff dedicated to the experience of our living-learning and thematic communities. Please feel free to reach out to any of the individuals listed below if you have questions regarding their respective communities.

Residence Life Staff

Dan Morrison Executive Director, Residence Life

Josh Alexander Director, Residence Education and Staff Development

Ariel Leget Assistant Director, Living-Learning Communities and Academic Initiatives

Alexandra Cupello-Waters Campus Director, College Avenue Campus

Jason Hunt Campus Director, Livingston Campus

Nathan Johnson Campus Director, Cook/Douglass Campus

Matthew Brown Residence Life Coordinator, Asian American Identities and Images, French, German, Latin Images and Paul Robeson LLCs

Ayanna Winters Residence Life Coordinator, Leadership and SAS Transfer Knights LLCs

Curtis Chan Residence Life Coordinator, RU-tv Weather Watchers LLC

Danielle Arrieta Residence Life Coordinator, International LLC

Misty Denham-Barrett Residence Life Coordinator, Health and Medicine First-Year and Sophomore Year Experience LLCs

Devin Marine Residence Life Coordinator, Business, Law and Political Science, and Psychology Discovery Houses, and Entrepreneurship LLC

University Career Services Staff

Lyn Baier Associate Director for First-Year Engagement & Director of First-Year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS)

Susan Bennett Assistant Director for First-Year Engagement

Academic Services Staff

Dean Iris Zipkin School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)

Dean Robin Diamond School of Arts and Sciences (SAS)

Dean Julie Traxler School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS)

Dean Sharice Richardson School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS)

Dean Kerstin Schnatter Rutgers Business School New Brunswick (RBS)

Dean Kevin Ewell School of Communication and Information (SC&I)

Asian American Images and Identities Living-Learning Community Staff

Louis Masur Director for Undergraduate Studies, American Studies

Mi Hyun Yoon Instructor

Ji Lee Director, Asian American Cultural Center

Kristine Bacani Assistant Director, Asian American Cultural Center

Michael Loh Peer Mentor

Amber Sautner Peer Mentor

Claire Hsu Resident Assistant

Business Discovery House Living-Learning Community Staff

Professor Neil Sheflin Faculty, Economics

Divanni Gomez Peer Mentor

Mark Vintayen Peer Mentor

Riya Patel FIGS Peer Instructor

Jillian Segal FIGS Peer Instructor

Fatimah Khan FIGS Peer Instructor

Entrepreneurship and Innovation LLC Staff

Alfred Blake Assistant Director of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs, Rutgers Business School

Gary Minkoff Instructor, Rutgers Business School

Abhay Kamath Peer Mentor

Ajoke Adetula Resident Assistant

French Language and Culture Living-Learning Community Staff

Professor Jennifer Tamas Faculty, Undergraduate Director, Department of French

Eva Simon Grassiano Instructor

Zeinab Kone Peer Mentor

Samantha Orefice Resident Assistant

Health and Medicine Living-Learning Community Staff (First-Year and Sophomore Year Experience)

Professor Martha Haviland Director of the Office of Undergraduate Instruction, Division of Life Sciences

Anne Carr-Schmid Director, Biological Sciences Advising

Professor Christy Beal Faculty, General Biology

Gloria Abbas-Zadeh Peer Mentor

Dongyoung Kim Peer Mentor

Ria Medasani Peer Mentor

Mann Patel Peer Mentor

Alyssa Pina Peer Mentor

Mansi Shah FIGS Peer Instructor

Swathi Vasudevan FIGS Peer Instructor

Madhir Vyas FIGS Peer Instructor

Pavan Yecham FIGS Peer Instructor

Isabel Alvarez Resident Assistant

Helen Nguyen Peer Mentor

Kailyn Ramirez Resident Assistant

International Living-Learning Community Staff

Janet Loh Coordinator for International Programs and Outreach

Danielle Arrieta Instructor

Chenyue Huang Peer Mentor

Nishtha Trivedi Peer Mentor

Mallika Verghese Resident Assistant

Latin Images Living-Learning Community Staff

Carlos Fernandez Instructor & Director, Center for Latino Arts & Culture

Carolina Alonso Instructor

Cynthia Lugo Peer Mentor

Aryana Mercado Peer Mentor

Miguel Reyes Resident Assistant

Law and Political Science Discovery House Living-Learning Community Staff

Professor William Field Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Political Science

Professor Yvonne Wollenberg Instructor

Tulsi Patel Peer Mentor

Emma Brushaber FIGS Peer Instructor

Michael Zakhary Resident Assistant

Leadership Living-Learning Community Staff (First-Year and Sophomore Year Experience)

Brian Householder Director of Undergraduate Studies in Communication, School of Communication and Information

Professor Richard Dool Faculty, School of Communication and Information – Sophomore Year Experience

Raffaele Gigliotti Director of Leadership Development and Research at Rutgers’ Center for Organizational Leadership — First-Year Experience

Jenny Mandelbaum Faculty,  School of Communication and Information – First Year Experience

Robyn Ginese Director, Leadership & Experiential Learning

Khadijah Azam Peer Mentor

Adam Fogarty Peer Mentor

Matthew Civile Resident Assistant

Paul Robeson Living-Learning Community Staff (First-Year Experience and Community Ambassador Program)

Professor Edward Ramsamy Chair, Department of Africana Studies

James Whitney III Assistant Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Susan Robeson Visiting Instructor

David Jones Director, Paul Robeson Cultural Center

Jakora Holman Director of Planning and Operations, Student Access & Educational Equity

Gregory Cooper Peer Mentor

Jewel Mays-Reid Peer Mentor

Ayanna Chain Resident Assistant

Psychology Discovery House Living-Learning Community Staff

Professor David Wilder Director of Undergraduate Advising, Psychology

Professor Keiko Taga Brynildsen Department of Psychology

Ariana Morgan Peer Mentor

Destiny Morales FIGS Peer Instructor

Ajoke Adetula Resident Assistant

RU-tv Weather Watchers Living-Learning Community Staff

Professor Steven Decker Director Meteorology Undergraduate Program, Department of Environmental Sciences

Frank Bridges Instructor, School of Communication and Information

Hebert Peck Assistant Director of Broadcast Operations, RU-tv Network, University Communications and Marketing

Tasha Coleman Editorial/Media Specialist, RU-tv Network, University Communications and Marketing

David Krishna Floor Leader

Michael Lugo Floor Leader

Om Jhaveri Resident Assistant

SAS Transfer Knights Living-Learning Community Staff (Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Communication)

Professor Kathleen Scott Faculty, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Professor Michael Beals Faculty, Department of Mathematics

Meghan Ingstrup Instructor, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students, School of Communication and Information

Melissa Ciaccio Peer Mentor, Life Sciences

Andrew Cruz Peer Mentor, Physical Sciences

Stephany Heilbron Peer Mentor, Communication

Emily Gulsby Resident Assistant

Nicole Realbuto Resident Assistant