Scott_MaribethTitle: Graduate Intern for Living Learning Communities and Academic Initiative
Office Location: Residence Life Central Administration, ASB III, Cook Campus
Phone Number: 848-932-4371
Undergraduate College/University Major(s)/Minor(s) Completed: B.A. Humanities, Providence College

Why did you choose to work at Rutgers Residence Life?
“I am proud to work with residence life during my graduate study because the staff prioritize an educational environment, for the students we serve, but also for ourselves as lifelong learners.  I am pushed to become a better residence life professional through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, dedication to finding and implementing best practices, and unwavering focus on student engagement and success above all else.  I am so excited to be a staff member serving the living-learning communities, a program which I believe enriches the residential student’s learning and college experience beyond measure!”