Sabatini_JimTitle: Hall Director for Stonier and Demarest Halls
Office Location: College Avenue Residence Life Office, Clothier Hall, College Avenue Campus
Phone Number: 848-932-7209
Undergraduate College/University Major(s)/Minor(s) Completed: B.A. Psychology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Why did you choose to work at Rutgers Residence Life?
“While serving in this role, my goal is to help students navigate their journey as college is a place where you can really find out about yourself and what makes you unique. I started college as a pre-med student but quickly realized that I preferred to work with students and to serve as an advocate and on-campus resource. Through my work as a hall director for residence life, I hope to connect with students on a personal level, help them along their college journey, and to instill the same passion and love of education and Rutgers University that I have!”