Tameka BazileTitle: Hall Director for Livingston Apartments
Office Location: Livingston Residence Life Office, Lynton South Tower, Livingston Campus
Phone Number: 848-445-4086
Email: tameka.bazile@gse.rutgers.edu
Undergraduate College/University Major(s)/Minor(s) Completed: B.S. Criminal Justice, Pace University-Pleasantville

Why did you choose to work at Rutgers Residence Life?
“While obtaining my master’s and serving as a hall director, I hope not only to learn from my students but for them to learn from me. I would like to foster an environment where my students can be creative, create relationships and feel comfortable making mistakes and having the leadership in hall to help them overcome and learn from them. Upperclassmen residence halls have the opportunity to provide students the skills to prepare for real world experiences (including academic, professional and living experiences) if the staff does well to cultivate that type of atmosphere. I hope that I can motivate my student staff to see the potential in all our students and help them achieve their best.”