2020 Summer Session Housing

2020 Summer Session Housing has been made available to a small, pre-approved, group of students who are unable to move off campus from Spring 2020 housing and are taking summer courses.

Applications will not be accepted from students who are not enrolled in summer courses, but are in need of housing for another reason (such as University internship, research, etc.). Those students may consider exploring housing options off campus.

Weekly Housing rates are $222 for Newell and Silvers Apartments and $255.50 for Livingston Apartments.

Below is the list of the end dates for summer session housing contracts.

4 weeks, contract end date is June 19, 2020.
6 weeks, contract end date is July 3, 2020.
8 weeks, contract end date is July 17, 2020.
10 week, contract end date is July 31, 2020.

12 weeks, contract end date is August 14, 2020.

Questions can be directed via email to oncampus@rutgers.edu or calling 848-445-0750.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live off campus, can I move onto campus for Summer School?

No. Only students currently under contract for spring 2020 Rutgers housing may sign up for summer school housing.

I need to stay on campus for summer, but there are no classes available for what I need. Can I remain on campus?

All summer school residents need to be registered for at least one class.  Please work with your advisor or explore an on-line internship for credit with Rutgers Career Exploration and Success.

I am about to lose my lease off campus. What should I do?

Contact the Off-Campus Living Office, 848-932-5500 or RUoffcampus@echo.rutgers.edu for assistance and advice.

I only need to stay on campus until my flight is available to go home, probably 10 days or so. What can I do?

You may remain on campus for a short period due to such circumstances. When you apply for summer housing, be sure to indicate the date you are leaving the country.

If I stay for a short time after May 15, will I need to move to a new residence hall?

Yes, unless you are already living in one of the selected summer halls remaining open.

I currently live on campus, but will be graduating this May. I cannot get a flight home yet. May I stay on campus?

Yes, graduating students who cannot return home may remain campus.  They should compete the Summer Housing Application.  They will likely be moved to a summer school hall if their current hall is not slated to remain open for summer.