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Apply for a Housing Selection Number

  1. All eligible students who wish to live on the New Brunswick campus are required to apply for a housing selection number between Monday, January 14th through Tuesday, January 29th. The date and time you apply does not affect your housing selection number.
  2. Once your housing selection application is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to your email account on file with the Residence Life Assignments Office. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact the Assignments Office at (848)-445-0750.
  3. After the application period ends on January 29, all students who have submitted an application will be randomly assigned a computer-generated housing selection number. This number will be used throughout all the selection processes.
  4. All applicants will receive notification of their housing selection number via email on Thursday, January 31, 2019.
  5. Once you receive a housing selection number, please be sure to review the housing options section of this website and the housing selection calendar to participate in each process. Students may not participate in any sign up process, including special programs, without a housing selection number.
  6. Residents who do not apply for a housing selection number by January 29 will not be eligible to participate in the housing selection process and must sign up for the waiting list the last week of March.

Please note: This housing selection application is an agreement to reside on campus for the 2019-2020 year but is not binding until you select a housing space online, or are assigned a space through a special process.

Sign Up for a Housing Option

  1. There are many housing options to consider during the housing selection process including living in a special interest community (Douglass Residential College, Mason Gross, SAS Honors, and other special programs), or signing up for a single, suite, apartment, or double room.
  2. Each housing option process has specific eligibility requirements and deadlines to apply. Students are encouraged to review the housing options section of this website and the housing selection calendar to participate in a process. Failure to complete the entire process will disqualify a group from the living option.
  3. When you determine what type of housing you will be applying for, complete and submit the required application according to the instructions for the particular housing you The Sojourner Truth and Livingston Apartments application will only be available to senior and junior class years.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining your first choice of housing, please review the housing selection calendar to participate in future processes.
  5. Once you choose a space, you are bound to your housing agreement you digitally signed within the housing selection application and cannot participate in any other selection process. Take this into serious consideration before committing as your housing agreement cannot be cancelled unless you are withdrawing from the university.

Notification of Eligibility

  1. Once students sign up for a housing option, groups will be notified of their eligibility status by 5:00pm on the day specified within the housing selection calendar.
  2. If the group is eligible to choose a room during the process, the website will indicate the specific date and time they may log in and choose a room.
  3. Important: Please be sure to pay close attention to the log in day and time for your group to ensure you do not miss an opportunity to select your preferred The Sojourner Truth and Livingston Apartments application will only be available to senior and junior class years.

Select an Apartment/Room Online

  1. Students will have the option of selecting their apartment, suite or double room online (excluding some special programs) and receiving immediate confirmation of their selection.
  2. Once notification is received that a group is eligible to select a room online, one person in the group will be required to log into the application website and select a room for the group.
  3. Please note: Only one member of the group is required to log into the system and select a room. All roommates within the group will receive a confirmation email once a space has been selected.

Important: Since students are now selecting their housing online, we are unable to offer a proxy to designate another student to select your room as that would require the designee to have access to your sensitive login information.

For questions regarding the housing selection process please contact the Residence Life Assignments Office at or call 848-445-0750.

Seniority Explanation

We use a seniority/reverse seniority system within the housing selection process. Each student will receive points based on their class year, as outlined below. Class year will be determined on January 29, 2019. If a student’s class year changes, our office will continue to use the original class year as of January 29 for housing selection purposes.

  1. Eligibility order will be determined first by the total number of points the group has, then the lowest housing selection number within the group.
  2. This means that the more points a group has, the higher they will be on the eligibility list.
  3. The point system is reversed for doubles and suites, making that process “reverse seniority.”

Learn more details for information on seniority and reverse seniority.

Rising Sophomore Preference

Recent studies indicate that students who reside on campus for the first two years of their academic career maintain higher overall GPAs than students who live off campus, higher levels of social support among their student peers, as well as display increased persistence towards graduation. Recognizing these positive effects, Residence Life guarantees housing to all rising sophomores.