Request to Post for Residence Halls

There are a number of methods of communicating your events and information to the Rutgers community. You can review this campus event promotion guide created by RUInfo.

Rutgers departments and organizations may request for flyers to be posted in the residence halls or on residence life social media channels. The following guidelines must be met in order to approve requests. Please allow up to three business days for feedback.

Planning your Request: Example Timelines

Print Advertisements

Event Date: July 8

Desired Date to Have flyers Hung: July 1

Request Should be Submitted: June 8

Social Advertisements

Event Date: July 15

Desired Date for Distribution: July 8

Request Should be Submitted: July 1

General Posting Guidelines:

  • Rutgers affiliates may request social media and/or physical flyer posting.
  • Residence Life does not provide printing services. Once approval is granted, instructions will be provided regarding flyer quantities and where flyers may be sent for residence life distribution.
  • Flyers brought to campus offices without approval notification from the central residence life office will not be distributed or hung in halls.
  • Only residence life staff may physically post flyers within residence halls. No outside departments and student organizations can post without explicit written approval from residence life.
  • In order to maintain a clean and comfortable living space, Residence Life reserves the right to limit the number of postings per campus per month.
  • All flyers and posters should be from registered Rutgers student organizations or other affiliated departments or offices of the University and must have the name of the organization and affiliated office on the flyer. Outside groups unaffiliated with the University will not be approved for posting.
  • As per the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (OFSA), any materials about Greek Life would need to come directly from OFSA to provide a general message about involvement.
  • Flyers and posters must be appropriate and represent Rutgers University to the highest degree. Flyers and posters should not include the promotion of alcohol, drugs or anything illegal. Residence Life reserves the right to limit inappropriate content or content that does not pertain to the campus community.
  • Requesting parties should understand that as a student/staff/faculty of Rutgers University, they are representing the University in a professional setting, and as such are expected to uphold the same levels of conduct as outlined by the student code of conduct and therefore any act of professional misconduct, or violation of the professional code of ethics may result in consequences.



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