University housing is provided for the exclusive use of Rutgers students, as assigned by the Residence Life assignments office. A student may not permit visitors to enter or stay in their room for any period of time, over the objection of his/her roommate(s). With the agreement of roommates, guests are permitted to stay with their host for no longer than three nights. All guests must be escorted by their resident host at all times while in the building. Residents are advised that they are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times.

A student may not permit visitors to use the housing facilities for any period of time, if it becomes a source of complaint by other residents or university staff, or when its use becomes, through duration or frequency, a de facto subcontracting of space to an unauthorized person. Violation of the guest policy may result in judicial action and/or termination of the resident’s housing agreement and removal of the guest from university housing.

All guests are required to contact their resident host upon arrival, and the resident host will come to the front entrance of the building and open the door for their guest. No entry doors are to be propped open at any time; propping doors open is a security concern and the safety of all residents must not be compromised. All residents of the building are responsible for monitoring who they allow into the building. Residents are not permitted to allow non-residents access to the building. Persons making deliveries are not allowed in the facility unless met and accompanied by a resident.