A “weapon” can be defined as any object or substance designed to inflict a wound, cause injury or incapacitate, or create a reasonable fear of harm, including but not limited to, all firearms, including air rifles and pellet guns; bow and arrows; ammunition; knives (other than kitchen knives); martial arts weapons; brass knuckles; explosives; and dangerous chemicals or poisons that are possessed with the intent to injure another or to cause damage to property.

All types of guns (including paintball guns, airsoft guns, pellet guns, etc.), bows and arrows, tasers, and all other weapons are prohibited in residence halls. Any device that has the appearance and/or function of a serviceable weapon or is being used in a manner of a real weapon is also prohibited in residence halls. Any student or guest in possession of an illegal weapon in a residence hall or apartment will face possible arrest. All Residence Life staff members are required to notify the Rutgers University Police Department if they become aware of the presence of any weapon inside the residence halls at any time.



Rutgers University students may be held accountable through the University judicial conduct process as well as the local New Brunswick/Piscataway criminal justice system. The University judicial process may be carried out before, simultaneously with, or following any related civil or criminal proceedings. If civil or criminal charges are dropped, or if the student is found not guilty via the criminal justice process, University discipline decisions and/or sanctions will not be subject to alteration or amendment.