Students who wish to paint murals in the halls in which they reside must submit a written proposal to the Campus Director for Residence Life on their campus. Students must indicate in the proposal that they understand that they are accepting complete responsibility for the proper completion of the mural without damage to that hall.

The residents of each hall may be allowed to paint one mural in the public area of their hall. This
mural may only be painted in the space designated by the Campus Director of Residence Life and the Manager of Housing, to be the appropriate place for the mural. This space will then be covered by the Division of Housing with greenboard. The image painted on the wall must receive prior approval by the Residence Life and the Division of Housing. An image will not be judged solely by its artistic value. The most important criteria in judging an image will be its appropriateness for a diverse residential setting.

Once students have begun the painting of the approved mural, they have one month in which to
complete the mural. If the mural remains unfinished at the end of that time, the mural wall will be
painted over and the cost of the repainting will be billed to the students who were approved to paint the mural.

Purchasing of paints and supplies must be approved by Residence Life. Painting must be supervised by building Residence Staff. It is the responsibility of the student painters to obtain the support from the Residence Staff to provide that supervision. Any damages caused by the student painters will be billed to the students who received approval to complete the mural.

Each mural must remain on the wall for at least three years from the time it is painted. No mural
proposals will be accepted prior to the end of that period of time.