Silvers Apartments, Busch Campus

“I’ve been fascinated by aircraft, spacecraft, and space travel for as long as I can remember. I’m particularly interested in structural design. I flew a lot when I was little. When I would go to the airport, I’d point at the aircraft and read off all the designations: Delta, Continental, US Airways. I’d even try to match the plane’s name to the different styles.

I’ve known solidly since junior year [in high school] that I wanted to be a mechanical and aerospace engineer. In the short term, I plan on attending graduate school, but ultimately, I’d love to work for NASA, SpaceX, Boeing or another aerospace company as a designer or engineer.

Do you watch Star Trek? Well, one of my goals is to be like Geordi La Forge. He’s the chief engineer of the Enterprise in the Next Generation series. The Enterprise may be under the command of the captain, but it’s the engineer’s ship.

Recently, I’ve been hearing all the news about us going to Mars with the SpaceX developments and I would like to someday be a part of that. Not just to design and work on a spacecraft – but to ride on it.”

Noah is a junior from Oakhurst, N.J. majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in physics and a concentration in aerospace. He currently resides in Silvers Apartments on the Busch Campus.