Lottery Overview

This year we will continue using a seniority system within the lottery process. Each student will receive points based on their class year, as outlined below. Eligibility order will be determined first by the total number of points the group has, then the lowest lottery number within the group. This means that the more points a group has, the higher they will be on the eligibility list. The point system is reversed for doubles and suites, making that process “reverse seniority”.

Special Note on Class Year: Your class year will be determined by whatever is in the system on January 24. The lottery application will show you what your class year is when you apply. If you see any problems with your listed class year, you must notify the assignments office by January 24.

Lottery Points Breakdown

Apartments Doubles and Suites
Class Year Points Class Year Points
2017 & 2018 4 2021 4
2019 3 2020 3
2020 2 2019 2
2021 1 2017 & 2018 1

Pharmacy students should subtract two years from the class year, since they are in a six-year program. This will ensure pharmacy students have the proper points. For example, 2020 pharmacy students will actually be counted as having a 2018 class year.


Seniority Examples

Jonathan is currently a junior and wants to live with a few friends in an on campus apartment for next year. They are hoping to live on the Busch Campus, but will apply to other apartments as well as a backup plan.

  1. Jonathan and all his friends apply for lottery numbers in January by going to All students need to do this if they are interested in on campus housing.
  2. On January 26th, Jonathan is told his lottery number is 476, the lowest of his friends.
  3. When the apartment applications are available, Jonathan and all his friends fill out the Livingston/College Avenue Apartments Application, and the Easton Ave/Busch/Cook Campus Apartment Application as a backup plan in case they are not eligible for Livingston/College Avenue Apartments.
  4. Within the application all four students request each other, making a group of four for the apartments.
  5. In the group of four they have three with class years of 2018, and one with a class year of 2019. This gives them a total of 15 points for the lottery, with a lowest lottery number of 476.
  6. When the Easton Ave/Busch/Cook Apartment Notification day rolls around, they find out their group is high enough on the list to be eligible to select at apartment, and they are given a selection time.
  7. On their designated time, one of Jonathan’s roommates logs into and selects a space for the group.
  8. After the room is selected, all the students receive an email confirmation, and they are officially assigned to a Busch Apartment for the 2017-2018 academic school year!

Keep in mind, while you do not need to make a full group for an apartment, suite, or double, it is definitely in your best interest as it will give your group more points! See the next example below.

Linda has one friend who wants to apply for a Cook Campus apartment with her. Since they are only a group of two, their point total will be lower, which will put them at a disadvantage.

  1. Linda and her friend both apply for lottery numbers in January by going to
  2. On January 26, Linda is told her lottery number is 127, which is definitely a great number! They are also both seniors, giving them each four points for the apartment process.
  3. When the apartment applications are available both Linda and her friend fill out the Easton Ave/Busch/Cook application and request each other.
  4. When the Easton Ave/Busch/Cook Apartments notification day rolls around, they are notified that while they do have good lottery number, they are not eligible to select an Easton Ave/Busch/Cook apartment. Unfortunately, with only eight points they are not high enough on the list.  It is always best to make a full group to ensure you have more points.
  5. Linda and her friend have decided to apply for a double room instead, so they wait a few weeks for that application to become available.