Resident Assistants and Apartment Assistants form the face and the voice of Residence Life at Rutgers. As such all AA/RAs must be committed to our mission, which is to foster and inspire strong, inclusive communities; encourage and support students in their academic, social and personal growth; help students develop skills to succeed in a diverse, global society; and promote the appreciation of diversity.

AA/RAs are expected to serve as role models on campus, exhibit the ability to be effective listeners and excellent resources, and to show ethical behavior at all times.

Due to the unique nature of the position of the AA/RAs, work cannot easily be translated into hours per week. The AA/RA job requires both regularly scheduled responsibilities and times during which AA/RAs are available and accessible to floor residents. AA/RAs are expected to be reasonably available and willing to work during emergencies and other unexpected events for which Residence Life support is needed.


Facilitating a positive community is an integral part to achieving the goals of Residence Life. In order to create a positive community AA/RAs must develop individual relationships with each student and foster a community valuing respect for others, celebrating the differences each person brings. AA/RAs will facilitate community development through having meaningful individual interactions with residents, monthly meetings, and programs.

To achieve the goals of Residence Life, an AA/RA must approach all situations in an educational manner showing care and respect for all students. The AA/RA role in responding to student concerns and crises will allow staff to maintain a positive community and to build relationships with students and the community at large. AA/RAs are the first line of response in managing student and community concerns and will be expected to critically evaluate and determine the appropriate follow-up needed.

As a Residence Life staff member, AA/RAs are expected to be an integral part of the staff team and to participate in the work that supports the development of inclusive and safe communities. To facilitate the development of a staff team, AA/RAs must work cooperatively with all staff within the building and the department. Much of the work that Hall Directors, Residence Life Coordinators and Educators, and Assistant Directors do is dependent on the strong work ethic of the Resident Assistant and Apartment Assistant. Providing support, responding to facility concerns promptly, and completing necessary paperwork are some of the ways an AA/RA can be a good team member.

All candidates hired for a particular position or selected for the alternate list will be required to attend a series of Resident Assistant/Apartment Assistant preparation classes during the spring semester for 1.5 credits and another series of classes during the fall semester for 1.5 credits. Full details of the classes are noted HERE.

For a more information on how to apply to become a Resident Assistant or Apartment Assistant, including information regarding upcoming Information Sessions,
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