Jackie Cetera

Director of Residential Education, Bucknell University

What was your favorite part about working in Rutgers Residence Life?
“I was a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) for five years (2011 – 2016) and what I enjoyed most was working with wonderful people who encouraged and challenged me to grow. I loved that I had autonomy to accomplish my work with both students and staff to create learning in the residence halls. Over the years, I exchanged a lot of ideas with students and colleagues and had opportunities to learn from them individuals in so many diverse aspects.”

What other opportunities did you partake in while working at Rutgers?
“I had so many great opportunities outside of my daily duties as an RLC. I was the first RLC to work with a faculty in residence in the Lynton Towers, creating an inclusive community for international and domestic students to live together and learn from one another. I have a passion for programming and along with students, I created interactive, educational, and social programs to provide an opportunity for students to learn and be informed about important topics while on a college campus. Two major programs I started include: Sexapalooza and Mental Health Awareness Week on Busch Campus.”

How did Rutgers Residence Life best prepare you for your current position?
“Rutgers prepared me for my current position by teaching me how to work in a very fast paced environment where no two days are ever the same.”

Any words of advice or wisdom?
“My words of wisdom and what I try to live by daily is, ‘be where your feet are!’ The work that we do can be stressful, but take a deep breath, have faith and confidence, and you will succeed.