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Attention, residents! Staying on campus for Spring Break? Some university services and hours of operation may be subject to change, including dining facilities and bus schedules. See the resources below for more information.

Spring Break

Halls Close: Friday, March 11 at 7 PM

Halls Re-Open: Sunday, March 20 at 10 AM

End of Year

Halls Close: Thursday, May 12 at 10 AM

Summer Session

Halls Open: Tuesday, May 31

Halls Close: Wednesday, August 17

Halls that DO NOT Close During Spring Break

Busch College Avenue Cook/Douglass Livingston
Silvers Frelinghuysen Henderson Livingston Apartments
Richardson Honors College New Gibbons Lynton Towers
Buell Tinsley Newell Quad 2
Johnson Sojourner Truth Starkey
Marvin University Center Helyar
Nichols Stonier

Staying on Campus for Spring Break?

During university recess periods, some services and hours of operation may be subject to change, including campus bus schedules, dining facilities, recreation centers, student centers, and health centers. Please consult the respective department’s website for up-to-date information regarding hours and available services during the break period.

*Campus buses/shuttle service between Busch, College Avenue, Cook/Douglass, and Livingston campuses will operate on Spring Break 1 and Spring Break 2 schedules for the entire break period. Students staying on campus can view up-to-date bus schedules with the Rutgers Mobile app or call the dispatcher at 848-932-7817 for live information.

Before-You-Go Checklist

Prior leaving your space, please consult and complete the following closing checklist in its entirety. This helps to ensure that all students may return to a warm and welcoming community after break. If you have any questions, please contact your Residence Life staff. For questions about the cost and availability of break housing, please contact

  • The room interior must be clean (to avoid pests).
  • Pack any important items (laptop, books, identification cards, passport, medication, etc.).
  • All original university furnishings must be inside the room.
  • Clean out the (micro) fridge.
  • Submit work order requests for facilities concerns (if applicable).
  • Empty all trash/recycle receptacles in proper disposal areas.
  • All windows are closed and securely locked and window blinds completely open.
  • All thermostats are set to 68 degrees (if applicable).
  • If your room is a double, and you do not have a roommate, the furniture must be returned to its original condition (in the event that you are assigned a new roommate).
  • Turn off all lights and electronics
  • Close and lock room/apartment door
  • Bring back your key and RU ID card with you after the break so you may re-enter your room and building