Johnson Apartments, Busch Campus

“My name is Zinah and I am from Iraq. I will complete my degree in material science and engineering, specifically about bio-material. I was drawn to this because my brother and sister are both dentists. I chose Rutgers because it allows me to study in a specialized area of filling cavities. I hope to publish some papers in regards to my area of study.

Rutgers Day was one of my most favorite memories because of all the activities the day had to offer. I have also attended some residence life programs. Events like these have helped me to get connected with other international students. Also, I attend a lot of club sports events with my roommate and other students within my department. I feel connected to the campus because it is a safe place which makes the campus feel comfortable.

Something I am really proud of is that I finished an important qualifying exam which means that I can continue studying at Rutgers. I believe my ambition makes me work hard to be a good person.”

Zinah is a Ph.D. student studying Material Science and Engineering. She currently lives in Johnson Apartments on Busch Campus.