Leupp Hall, College Avenue Campus

“My father used to work as a therapist at UMDNJ and he was familiar with all the great things that the university had to offer. When I visited Rutgers I was really captivated by the vast environment that offered so many different fields of study.

I was also attracted to the amount of diversity that exists at Rutgers. I have been on the e-board for an organization called The Mountainview Program for most of my time at Rutgers. The organization raises awareness for the benefits of educating people who are incarcerated and making re-entry into society a smoother process.

I have also heavily participated in the International Friendship Club which offers language exchange partners as well as fun ways to meet people from all over the world. The thing that inspires me the most is when I look back at how small decisions I made in the past greatly impact my life today. It makes me want to make new decisions every day and try new things so I can reap the benefits in the future.”

Umutesi is a senior living in Leupp Hall on the College Avenue Campus. She is majoring in cognitive neuroscience with a minor in biology.