McCormick Hall, Busch Campus

“I am majoring in mechanical engineering and astrophysics and minoring in classics. I came to college knowing I wanted to study something that would enable me to be part of the space exploration field. I thought engineering would be cool so I could work on rocketry and such.

I’ve always had a knack for physics. As a freshman, I took an astrophysics class just for fun and fell in love with it. That year, I was awarded a summer fellowship through the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium.

Initially, I wasn’t going to apply because the criteria online stated that only students with four completed college semesters were eligible. My research advisor at the time encouraged me to apply anyway and I was really surprised when I was awarded the fellowship.

My advisor told me that I was probably the first freshman to ever get this fellowship. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m pretty proud of it. My life dream has always been to go to space. Thinking about that dream really keeps me going.”

Nitika is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and astrophysics with a minor in classics. A native of Monroe, N.J., she currently resides in McCormick Suites on Busch Campus.