Quad III, Livingston Campus

“For me the Rutgers experience wouldn’t be complete without RHA (Residence Hall Association). When I arrived at Rutgers I found myself in the running to become the secretary of the New Gibbons Hall Government. A few weeks later I soon found myself stepping up to fill the vacancy at the head of our government and became the president of New Gibbons.

My time as president was by far some of the most fun I’ve had at Rutgers. I felt so connected with the culture of the university and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to contribute towards it through the programs my government hosted. The satisfaction I have when I look over a successful program and know I had succeeded in creating so much joy for fellow residents is unmatched.

When I first came to Rutgers I knew I wanted to become and RA, but I didn’t know exactly what that entailed. It wasn’t until I met my first RA that I truly learned just who an RA is. An RA is a friend and a role model. They are kind, compassionate, and they are always there when you need them. My first RA exemplified these qualities perfectly and in turn I wanted to show how much I appreciated everything she did. So every chance I got I did everything I could to ensure that her last year at Rutgers would be as spectacular as my first.

This year [in Quad III], I wanted to continue that kind of relationship with my new RAs. I wanted to build meaningful relationships to show them how much I truly appreciate everything they do. I feel like very few people understand the sacrifices they make and I wanted to show them how much I care.

I want to be remembered as someone who took the time to do the little things to improve the lives of those around me. For the people here who know me, I want to be someone in their life who they can look at as a role model and an inspiration as well as a caring friend.”

Marion is a sophomore who hopes to pursue a degree in material science and engineering. Serving as the New Gibbons Hall Government president last year, he currently resides in Quad III and is an RA Liaison on Livingston Campus. Marion is also part of the newly revived Rutgers Student Union.