Brett Hall, College Avenue Campus

“My great aunt Mary is definitely my biggest inspiration in life. She passed away last March, but she lived a long life. She was a teacher in the Bronx, which at the time was one of the worst school districts in the United States. She really had a passion for helping underprivileged kids and teaching them. She wanted to be there for them when they didn’t have people to rely on and tell them they were doing a great job, but she also wanted to challenge them to do better. She really loved what she did and went out of her way to be a good person. She’d help anyone that she saw needed it and never ever said no to anyone who reached out to her. I hope I can be a good person like her.

My dad majored in psychology when he was an undergraduate, and that’s the main reason why I gravitated towards it. I’ve also decided to double major in women and gender studies. I believe it’s a very important major to be in right now because of the changing atmosphere of how women are treated in society. I want to continue to progress the women’s movement and change how women are perceived.

I’m trying to make the most of my time at Rutgers. I’m the president of Brett RHA, a founding sister of the Lambda Delta chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, and a research assistant at the Graduate School of Education. There’s so much to do here that I can’t really necessarily fit into a “Rucket” list because I feel like every month I learn about something new that I want to get involved with.”

Liz is a sophomore double majoring in psychology and women and gender studies with a minor in international and global studies. She currently lives in Brett Hall on the College Avenue Campus.