B.E.S.T. Hall, Busch Campus

“Both of my parents are pharmacists and I want to be a pharmacist so I can help people be more healthy. I found out about Rutgers from my friend’s father. He was also an international student who attended Rutgers and told me about it.

My top priority is my studies. I want to learn the most I can about biology, chemistry, psychology, and pharmacy and I want to be able to use this knowledge to do good. My goal is to become a clinical pharmacist in a hospital. There’s a lot of competition in the field so I need to do well to stand out.

I’ve made so many friends in B.E.S.T. Hall. My former roommates were interesting people and very nice. We played foosball a lot and I never played before coming to Rutgers. I want to get my license and drive around the United States and be able to explore. I’m getting my license when I go home to China. I want to drive to New York, North & South Carolina, and Philadelphia where my friends live.”

Lei is a freshman majoring in pharmacy. He currently lives in Busch Engineering, Science, and Technology (B.E.S.T.) Hall on Busch Campus.