Demarest Hall, College Avenue Campus

“Both my parents went here. I was biased my whole life. Rutgers was always a household name so I knew I was bound to end up here. I’m currently I am a part of the Rutgers Review, which is the Arts & Culture Magazine, and Rutgers Hillel.

I’m also on RHA, as the Secretary of Demarest, and serve as the manager of a student led rock band [in Demarest]. Demarest has so many events weekly. We have the drag show, we have coffee shops and every time Demarest holds an event it includes some sort of free expression that makes me feel really connected to this place.

I’ve always wanted to do something musical at Rutgers, whether that be trying out for an LTC play, or just continuing my work with the band. I want to be remembered as someone who was passionate about music, the arts, culture and writing.

I am a firm believer in staying true to yourself. I like being who I am and not conforming to norms typically set by society. If what I believe in goes against the norms I’m proud of it and I’ll stand by it.”

Jordan is a freshman from Voorhees, N.J. majoring in journalism/media studies with a minor in creative writing. She currently lives in Demarest Hall on the College Avenue Campus.