Judson Suites, Busch Campus

“I’m studying mechanical engineering mainly in part because I was a part of my high school robotics team. Mechanical engineering was the closest thing to robotics building so I decided to pursue a degree in that. I want to work on a robot in the future after I graduate.

My sophomore year [of high school] I was diagnosed with leukemia at Robert Wood Johnson and was treated there. While I was at RWJ, I was a part of the Embrace Kids Foundation and many students from Rutgers volunteered there, so when the time came, I decided to attend Rutgers.

I knew I wanted to give back to Embrace Kids once I was at Rutgers and I’ve danced with Dance Marathon twice. My best accomplishment since being at Rutgers was finishing chemo-treatment over a year ago. I’m also an RU for Kids Liaison for Theta Tau.

I’m finally in a position to be able to give back what those volunteers gave to me while I was in treatment. I want to be known as the kid who once went to the hospital for help, and who’s now giving back and helping others.”

Jonathan is a junior studying mechanical engineering. He currently resides in the Judson Suites on Busch Campus.