Lippincott Hall, Cook Campus

“When I was in seventh grade I received a scholarship from Rutgers Future Scholars. They offered me four years of free tuition because I was performing exceptionally well academically, so I knew in seventh grade that I was going to Rutgers!

When I got here my resident assistant (RA) Lauren made it feel like home from the moment I walked on campus. That motivated me to join the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and now I’m the president of Lippincott Hall.

I know that it’s not until you start creating a bond with the people around you that it’s going start to feel like home, so the programs I create are geared toward giving people the opportunity to connect and create relationships.

My golden rule in life is to always give something a chance. It’s the motto I live by and it’s the foundation of every choice I make. It may not always end up perfectly, but at least I gave it a shot. People may ask me ‘why did you do this?’ or ‘why did you choose that?’ I just tell them, ‘I gave it a chance.’ That one single chance can change your life. That’s how I ended up as Hall president of Lippincott’s RHA.”

A native of North Brunswick, N.J., Johan is a first-year student with a double major in criminal justice and political science. He currently resides in Lippincott Hall on Cook Campus.