Frelinghuysen Hall, College Avenue Campus

“Since I was little, my family has been really involved with Rutgers. My older sister also went to Rutgers. She worked on campus so we were always here visiting. We went to almost every home football game, including the Spring game and went to Rutgers Day every year. Rutgers has just always been in my life, so I knew that’s where I wanted to go.

I’m studying theater because in high school my theater teacher was the best and she was a huge inspiration to what I want to do in life. She was so passionate about the subject and had a huge influence not only on me, but a lot of younger students in my community. When I see that people are passionate about something, I tend to support them; it doesn’t even matter what the cause is. I want to be that type of person and I want to get my teaching certificate and teach theater.

I’m in the Residence Hall Association (RHA) for Frelinghuysen [Hall] and I am the Public Relations Chair. It’s great to get everyone in the building together and just enjoy our time with each other, especially since we are first-year students and it can be scary at first. These events allow us to get out there and warm up to each other.

Something that is on my Rucket-list is that I definitely want to participate in RU Dance Marathon (RUDM). I also want to do Relay for Life. My golden rule for life is, ‘don’t say or act in a way that you say isn’t right. Practice what you preach!’”

Gina is a first-year student studying theater. She currently resides in Frelinghuysen Hall on the College Avenue Campus.