international students

International Student FAQs

Will my electronics work on campus?

Check the power input of your electronics. If they do not work with 110 volt, they will not work in the U.S. For more information please visit this page.

How do I get to campus? Will you pick me up from the airport?

Please review your assignment email for information about airport pick-up for international students. You can also find some information at here.

Are there any orientation sessions for international students?

Yes, the Center for Global Services organizes an orientation for international students. Please visit the Center’s website for more information.

How can I call home?

Prepaid international calling cards can be bought at local stores and online. You may also use other free services such as Skype.

Will there be linen provided to me at my housing placement?

No, students are responsible for providing or purchasing their own linens. There is a linen program through the Residence Hall Association that can be purchased.

Can I send packages or things to my assignment before I arrive?

Please do not send anything that will arrive to campus before you do, as it will most likely be sent back or not delivered. Mail is not accepted at residence life buildings. Students receive mail via the main center on by campus. You must opt in to receive any packages at the mail centers. Visit the Rutgers Mail Services website find your mailing address, location of your mail center, and to opt in to receive packages.

Where do I receive by RUConnection Card?

If you are living on Busch, Livingston, or Cook Douglass, you will receive your RUConnection card at the Residence Life Service Office on your campus. If you are living on College Avenue, you will go to Records Hall to receive your RUConnection Card.