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Getting Started

What kind of housing is available for graduate students?

Rutgers-New Brunswick offers traditional residence halls and apartment style living for single graduate students. Graduate students living with their families live in two bedroom apartments. Most single graduates live on the Busch Campus or Cook/Douglass Campus, but we have 100 spaces available in the Livingston Apartments for graduate students. All graduate family housing is on the Busch Campus.

If I have a question about my assignment, who should I contact?

Contact the assignments office at They can discuss your housing assignment and other options available to you. If you contact our Graduate and Family Housing office they will refer to the assignments office.

When can I apply? When will I know my assignment?

We accept applications to live on campus throughout the year. After an offer of a family housing assignment is made, students have approximately 48 hours to accept the offer before the space is released and made available to other students. An email will be sent when the application is completed and an assignment is offered.

Who is eligible for housing?

All registered graduate students studying in an academic program are eligible for housing on campus. Graduate students can apply to live in family housing if that option is necessary. All family housing options are two bedroom apartments.

Is there short-term housing for visiting graduate researchers, scholars, or faculty?

Faculty, scholars and graduate researchers can contact Nancy Sullivan at 848-932-4448 to inquire about housing options.

Will I be able to see my room in advance?

You will not be able to see your apartment prior to moving into the location. Apartments are used all year round and it is not possible to provide tours.

Moving In/Amenities

When can I move onto campus?

The details of your move will be provided when you accept an offer to living on campus.

Where can I get furniture?

Furniture can be found at many retail locations near Rutgers. Graduate students can use the zip code 08854 as a location to judge the distance to stores.

How to connect to the Internet?

Graduate students will need to register their computers with ResNet by following a set of instructions. There is wireless access in the apartments and common areas by connecting to the RUwireless network.

Will there be a TV or cable outlet in my apartment?

There will be a cable outlet that is activated in your living room and in each bedroom. A coaxial cable and a TV will be needed, but students should be able to plug in the TV to the outlet and have access to cable. Please click here for more information about connecting to RU-tv.

What do I do when I get here?

When you arrive on campus, students should contact the Graduate and Family office, if arriving during normal business hours on Monday through Friday – 8:30AM to 5:00PM. The number is 848-445-2561. If you are arriving at any other time, please contact prior to arriving to make arrangements with our Graduate and Family Housing office so that keys can be provided to you when you arrive.

Are residences furnished?

All single graduate and family apartments are furnished with living room and bedroom furniture. More information about family residence furniture can be found on the website here.

When will there be air cooling and heat?

All graduate apartments, except Johnson Apartments, have central heating and air cooling. Johnson apartments have window units. Students are not allowed to bring their own air conditioning units while living in any of our apartments or residence halls. New Jersey state law requires that we provide heating from October through the end of April. The boilers are turned on earlier if temperatures are consistently colder in September.

Will there be a phone in the apartment?

We do not provide phones in the apartments. Student should seek local vendors for wireless phones and contracts. Students can use can use the zip code 08854 as a location to judge the distance to stores.

What should I bring?

Graduate students should bring items that will help them live comfortably in their apartments. Apartments have closets and/or wardrobes, but space is limited. Weather-appropriate clothing should be packed to ensure you are prepared to appropriately live in New Jersey’s diverse seasons. Other items to bring are kitchen utensils, a TV, coaxial cable for TV usage, an Ethernet cord for internet connection, and other items that would make your apartment feel comfortable. Furniture items are the only things Residence Life provide graduate students. Bed linens and towels need to be provided by students. Learn more about move-in on

What should I NOT bring?

Be aware of what you cannot bring into a residence hall or apartment: pets, candles, incense, refrigerator, toaster, hot plate, air conditioner, firearms, weapons, fireworks, grill and charcoal, lighter fluid, laundry machines, dish washers, deep freezers, halogen or oil lamps, heaters, hover boards, and drones.

What happens if I arrive late or need to check in after hours?

If you are arriving at any other time other than your appointed time, please contact prior to arriving to make arrangements with our office so that keys can be provided to you when you arrive. Students can also call our office at 848-445-0750 during normal business hours on Monday through Friday – 8:30AM to 5:00PM.


What do I do if I get locked out?

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday – 8:30AM to 5:00PM, students can go to their campus Residence Life office to sign out a key for their room. After 5:00PM or on the weekends, students can contact the staff member that is on call (numbers will be posted at each student service office and will be provided by your Graduate Apartment Assistant) to gain access to their apartment. If necessary, steps will be taken to change locks to inhibit anyone who should not have access from entering the students’ residence hall rooms.

What is allowed and not allowed in the residences?

Please review all of our policies and procedures. It can be very helpful to review the policies about what might be prohibited in any of our apartments and residence halls.

How do I get something in my apartment fixed?

Students can submit maintenance requests by going to the online maintenance request form.  If it is an emergency request, you can contact the Facilities Office at 848-445-0123. If it is after hours or during the weekend, you can contact the staff member that is on call (numbers will be posted at each Residence Life Office and will be provided by your Graduate Apartment Assistant).

What happens if I am having a roommate issue?

If you live in a single graduate apartment with another student, you can speak with your Graduate Apartment Assistant or Residence Life Coordinator to discuss the issues you are having with your roommate. Students can begin requesting room changes during the third week of each semester. Students can login to complete the room change form. A staff member will contact you via email or in person to review options. Residence Life will also try to work out any issues between roommates by having the GAA and other staff members hold discussions before granting a room change.