Transfer students at Rutgers University love living on campus!

Every year, Residence Life reserves spaces for incoming transfer students to ensure they have the opportunity to benefit from the on-campus experience. New transfer students find that living on campus is the easiest way to make friends, learn about Rutgers, and get support to succeed academically. It also makes getting around an unfamiliar campus convenient and easy.

New transfer students are housed with other transfer and continuing students in communities designed for residents who already have some college experience. Transfers can also request apartment or suite living options that provide additional privacy and freedom without sacrificing security and convenience.

Applying to live on campus starts at the housing application, where transfer students rank their campus preference, rank their preferred housing type, and complete a living survey that helps match compatible roommates. New transfer students should submit the housing application as soon as possible after accepting admission to Rutgers. Preferences for campus and housing type will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

We look forward to having you live in our community!