Rutgers Residence Life supports the mission of the University by fostering the creation of safe, comfortable, and inclusive residential communities which are conducive to student development. These student-centered communities provide a sense of belonging and teach students to be independent, responsible citizens who value the worth and dignity of all.

Residence Life values excellence, integrity, and innovation and strives to treat all students fairly, with respect and compassion. We work to provide all students with an educational, quality residential experience which meets their needs and interests.

We believe:

  • Residents are our first priority.
  • Success in our work can only be achieved through on-going assessment and improvement.
  • Partnerships with the University community, including students, faculty, other University departments, and the families of students, are critical for our work to be successful.
  • Living on campus is an opportunity for students to gain life experiences in a supportive environment, sometimes learning through trial and error.
  • The residential experience provides students with unique personal interactions and the opportunity to develop life-long friendships.
  • Every staff member contributes to the student experience and should be afforded the opportunity to learn and grow in his or her position.
  • Staff are most productive when treated fairly, with respect, and involved in decision-making.

Contact Us

Busch Campus/Graduate & Family Housing
Phone: (848) 445-2561
581 Taylor Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Cook/Douglass Campus
Phone: (848) 932-9363
45 Biel Road West, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Livingston Campus
Phone: (848) 445-6728
66 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854