Busch Campus offers easy access to Werblin Recreation Center, the Rutgers football stadium, intramural fields, and class and lab space for the Schools of Engineering and Pharmacy.  Busch is home to traditional first-year residence halls, suite-style living, and apartments for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Several special living options are offered at Busch, especially for students with interest in engineering and technology.

Busch Residence Halls

Allen Hall

Barr Hall

B.E.S.T. Hall

Crosby Suites

Judson Suites

Mattia Hall

McCormick Suites

Metzger Hall

Morrow Suites

Nichols Apartments

Richardson Apartments

Silvers Apartments

Thomas Suites

Winkler Suites

Marvin Apartments: Graduate Families

Buell Apartments: Grad Only

Johnson Apartments: Grad Only